Friday, August 01, 2008

About two weeks ago I interviewed for a position in the Accounting Office at Wallywork. It is an overnight job. It was offered to me and I accepted it, so there will be some adjustments going on around here. I will still only be working four days a week, thankfully, and my ranting will likely simmer down some. (LOL!) I won't have as much customer contact, and as you all know that really breaks my heart... There is also an increase in pay too. Not a bad deal. I will have to work a few weekends, but I am actually okay with that. My DH works night shift as well so hopefully we will get to spend more time together. I hope to have some more crafty time too!
Today is the first of the month and I am absolutely thrilled that I do not have to be at Wallywork. (Especially since the 3rd is Sunday, so we will be hit super bad today...UGHHHH!) I did have to stop in the store to pick up some things and I was mentally kicking myself for it!
Tomorrow I have a wedding reception (and cake) and my Family reunion... always a REAL treat! This one will be special though, since my Great Aunt Anna Mae is here for this one, she is the last surviving of my Grandmother's siblings. She lives in Missouri and made the trip back here for her class reunion and the family reunion. I am quite excited about seeing her!
I have one more Wallywork RANT saved up and I will get it out of my system in the near future! Until then, take care!


Babs said...

Congrats on the new job! That's great! I hope it works out well for you!

emmysue said...

Way to go Missy, I'm so happy for you!
The Bag Ho!