Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever!

Do you have it??? We have a pretty bad case of it here! GO TEAM USA!!!!!
How about our Men's Gymnastic Team~ they won the bronze when no one expected them to medal at all!
The Men's Swim Team! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Winning the Gold medals, shattering world records, it doesn't get better than that, well, except for Phelps who now has the most gold medals of anyone on the planet I think.
Ladies Softball~ Kicking butt and taking names... they are doing so well that the mercy rule was used!
Ladies Beach Volleyball~ also just kicking butt!!
Ladies Saber~ they swept GOLD, SILVER, & BRONZE!
I know I am full of excuses for not being crafty at the moment. I think my crafty mojo went on vacation without me! Hopefully it comes back soon, cause I have work to do!
Take care!


CB from BG said...

OMG - you definitely need to hook-up with Joyce. She is glued to the TV. I am surprised you can't hear her chanting "USA, USA, USA" from your house!!!!
I still can't get over those synchronized dives. That team from china just spin and twist so quick - I am in awe!

Babs said...

My Mojo and your mojo are on vaca together! LOL! I'm totally into the Olympics too! I am a PHELPS PHANATIC!