Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally a day off...

This was my make and take page from the St. Andrew School crop 2 weeks ago. I love the dahlia fold technique. It is so simple but the results are so elegant and WOW! The GORGEOUS PAPER is from a Creative Memories customer gift pack that you will get FREE if you attend Croptober-fest on October 24 at Berkey Church. This is the first time that I took the time to ink up the edges of the circles on both sides before I folded them and it made such a huge difference in the depth and dimension of the finished piece. I am thinking of doing this as a make and take for my Camp Harmony Crop on November 8.
Baby Kya is improving. We are so thankful for that. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.
Can I say that I am so glad for a day off from work! I haven't worked a stretch like that in years! It wasn't bad until the last 2 days when I didn't sleep well.
Our Stampers Seven group is meeting this Saturday and it is my turn to host. If anyone wants to come to the party let me know! We are making a tin and two cards. I am also making apple dumpling cake!
Take care!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a week...

First a little note card that I made to send to Melanie, who is in the hospital. Her appendix ruptured on Tuesday. She was to the ER on Monday and was misdiagnosed, went back on Tuesday because she had a fever and more pain. That is when they figured it out. She is doing okay. Kenny went to see her yesterday and took her a care package of stuff from us.
Just one more night of my six night stretch. I am ready for a day or two off.
I am working on my cards for my Autumn theme swap.... lots to do yet! I can't wait to see everyone's cards.
Anyone have big plans for World Card Making Day? (this Saturday, October 4th!)
I am having my Stampers Seven SU club meeting! I love to get together with the ladies and make Barb's creative projects!
Take care!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Baby Kya

Last Thursday we got to meet Baby Kya... this was her response...LOL!

Actually that was her response to her Mama agitating her. She really liked me, I think she did anyway. How about that teeny tiny diaper? It is a bit big for her still.
She had a little set back this week. They put the IV back in since she wasn't digesting her feeding and she has some fluid in her lungs. They say it is minor, but still keep her in your prayers. She is so very little and lungs are the last to develop, so we just want her to bounce back from this quickly.
Uncle Kenny has given her a nickname, just as he has all the boys... (Brat, Peach, Hog, Chunk, & Peanut.) Baby Kya is to be called Stink... not cause she smells, but because Uncle says "she is so stinkin' tiny" and "she is a little stinker." LOL... if tradition holds then she will call him Uncle Stink...LOL!
Take care!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Keepin' Busy!

It was quite the busy weekend. I was helping my CMC at St. Andrew School Scrap the Day Away on Friday and Saturday. Also on Saturday I had a Make & Take card table as well as handmade cards for sale at the Camp Harmony Church of the Brethren Heritage Festival.

Thank goodness my BS2 came along to help at Camp Harmony. The Make & Take table did about 40 tea bag holder cards. Thanks to BS2 for donating a basket full of tea bag holder cards! They were a very popular item!
We restocked the sale table twice, sales were brisk! I was thrilled that my booth did so well, since this was the first year I tried it. We sold over 100 cards and donated over $150 to the Camp!
I was trying to make cards to refill the sale table in between doing make & takes and selling!
That being said, I am asking you, my scrapbooking and cardmaking friends to PLEASE LEND A HAND! Next time you are scrapbooking and have some scraps left, turn them into a card for me to sell next year. I donate all the money we take in back to the camp. If next year goes as well as this year I am going to need more cards!
Take care!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Get Caught Up!

Travis went back to Pittsburgh last week. The house is so quiet and there is actually food in the kitchen! LOL! We miss him so much when he is not here. How do you like his new look? I love Dad in the background, just shaking his head in disbelief. (It is just fun fur and tape.)
I fell on Friday and skinned my knee. Pretty typical of clumsy me. It is bruised and has scabs all over it. Our poor football team got beat again pretty bad on Friday night and it rained so hard at times during the game that it wasn't even funny. I worked the drink tent and was cold and wet by the time it was all done.
I did buy a cute new purse. I love the Dollar General quilted purses, they are cheap, only $8, so if I use them for one season and pitch them I don't feel bad at all. They do wash up pretty nicely though! I got a real nice fall colored one.

I am not sleeping at night right now, just getting adjusted to the routine I guess. In about two weeks I work a six day stretch, Lord help me! I just told the gals I work with to have plenty of coffee and chocolate ready for me!
I have become addicted to Mocha Joe from Burger King, so I have been working like a mad scientist and cook trying to get the formula down so I can make it at home and I think I have got it nearly figured out!
That about covers it, Take Care!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some Christmas Cheer

These items were included with my swap cards for the Christmas Cards in July swap. Just a little something to thank the ladies for participating in the swap. I really like the metallic "class appeals" type stickers for their double use. You can use the image as I did on the card above. The image is on the front of the card, and the "leftovers" are on the envelope flap. The tags below were made with leftovers and the image is on the inside of the card above. No waste, LOVE IT!!
An update on baby Kya.
She pulled her tummy tube out, the one that was in her mouth, so they put it in through her nose. She is eating good through the tube, breathing good, and only needs the bottom blue blanket for jaundice. Her big brother got to see her today and he is pretty impressed with her and can't wait for her to come home. Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers!
Take care!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Pics

Just a quickie post to show off Kya! She is under the light for jaundice so that is why so much blue. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to see her in person. That hand in the picture is my Mom's. After waiting for 14 years for a baby girl she just can't keep her hands off of her! LOL!
Take care!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Arrival

Just posting up the arrival of my FIRST NIECE! Kya Noel was born yesterday afternoon. She got here a bit early, at just 29 weeks. She came into the world wailing and kicking according to her Nana. She weighed 2 pounds, 14 ounces and is 15 1/8 inches long and has a pretty good head of hair. Her Mom (my sister, Jes) is doing well. I imagine that Tyler is anxious to meet his baby sister as well! Baby Kya is doing well too. They did not have to put a tube in to help her breathe, which was a good sign that her lungs are doing good. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post up tomorrow. Say a prayer that she gets bigger and stronger each day!

Take care!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Only Two Spots Left!

HI! Just a quick post... Only two spots left in the Autumn theme card swap, sign up in the post below! Sharon gave me her cards yesterday, so she wins the first to send in prize, but there is still a prize for my favorite card!

I am working a several day stretch here, so I may not post for a day or two. I do have great pics of our Stamper's Seven projects to post for you though! (so check back!)

Take care!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Autumn Theme Card Swap

I had so much fun with the Christmas Cards in July Swap that I thought I would do it again! This time our theme will be Autumn cards, whatever you like Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving

5 spots available (actually 4 since I plan to participate)

Each person makes 10 cards, 5 each of 2 designs.

Please use materials that you would like to receive.

Please put a sentiment inside the card.

Include an envelope for your cards (decorated would be nice!)

Give the back of your card your mark.

No Vendor Requirement, anything goes! I know I will be dazzled and amazed with your talents as always!

Sign up for a spot by September 8.

Cards due to me by September 27, I will mail back to you promptly after receiving all cards.

Please send your cards in a zipper bag to be sure it all stays dry.

Include an addressed return envelope with the same amount of postage it took to mail your cards, plus a few extra stamps (loose so they can be returned to you if they are not needed.)

PRIZES!!!! A little something *special* will be included for the first cards received! I will also choose MY FAVORITE CARD from the swap and send a special prize for it!

Let a comment to sign up for your spot!

Take care!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sharing the Swap with You!

As promised, the cards from my Christmas Cards in July swap!

and mine.
I was so impressed with everyone's creative designs! I loved hosting the swap and can't wait to do it again... so check back tomorrow, I will be posting up my next swap!
Take care!