Saturday, August 30, 2008

Christmas Cards

A couple of quick and easy Christmas cards to share with you today. The images on the front (St. Nick and Snowman) are diecut punch outs from K & Company. They are older. I found them in my stash while I was going through some Christmas papers and such. The white and green rectangle pieces are embossed with the Cuttlebug old script/text embossing folder. I gold heat embossed the sentiment on the inside. Start to finish I think it took me 15 minutes to make 2 of each of these cards!
I have been trying to make a few Christmas cards at a time to fill my stash up for my booth at Camp Harmony's Heritage Festival on September 20th.
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!
Take care!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Butterfly Birthday

This card is also from one of Keathe's Stamp A Stack get togethers. Thought I should get it posted here since it is a rather summery card and it seems that our summer is fading fast!

The Christmas Cards in July Swap cards have been sorted and mailed out, so in a day or two I will post pictures of all of them here on Everyday Blessings. I want to give the ladies who participated a chance to see them in person before I post them up on the blog.


The new position is going well. I am getting the hang of the HOW to do things, the WHY is still a bit foreign to me. (I had a thought the other day, one of those slap yourself on the forehead moments. I don't balance my checking account, I look over the statement, but I don't do the math. What was I thinking, taking a money and math job???? LOL!)
Since I am waiting patiently for Fearless Fourteen, I picked up a few of Janet Evanovich's earlier romance novels and have been enjoying them. They are nice, short, funny and easy reads.
Tomorrow starts the Fall Harvest Gospel Music Festival at Camp Harmony. I will be there all weekend helping in the kitchen.
Take care!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey!

Just a quick post before I head off to work. Today is my sweetie's birthday!

This card is one that we made at Keathe's Stamp A Stack a couple of months ago. All products are SU!
I work the next two days and then I am on vacation for a week! Yeahhh!!!! Can't wait... lots of good blog things while I am on vacation so check back.
Take care!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long Time, No Blog...

Take a kid to the fair! It is more fun that way! Note the smiling kid below with all his FREE LOOT! He got a glow necklace, balloon, water bottle, candy from the vendors in the local business & organization building and a personalized dog tag (at the Army recruiters booth.)

I love that grinning face! We went to the fair again on Thursday evening. It was tractor pull night. My guys loved it. Chunk especially liked the BIG, LOUD, SMOKIN' ONES. The one pictured below smoked so much it blocked the sun for a minute or two.
I enjoyed another Maple Milkshake, but was most bummed that the Tilt-A-Whirl was not at the carnival this year. Chunk rode a bunch of rides that he could go on alone, but there were a few that he wasn't tall enough to go on by himself. I told him he wasn't big enough, so Travis would have to go with him. Chunk informed me that Travee would go with him, since I was too OLD!
Having another sleepless night, as you can tell by the time of this post.
Sorry I missed out on the Stampers 7. The projects were so AWESOME!
(Check out Babbie Blogs, over there --->>>)
For my Christmas Cards in July Swappers, I have all the cards and I will mail them out Monday! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! I am planning a fall theme card swap for September, so check back for details! Plus I have an idea for a November swap as well.
I am also planning a little blog candy give away here soon!
Take care!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fair

I took a short nap yesterday and then went to the 108th Somerset County Fair. It was a good day to be at the fair. Somerset Trust Company was hosting free admission and parking day and handing out stadium seat cushions. WOOHOO! Went to the Queen Contest. My baby sister Abby was a contestant. She looked so pretty in her gown and was the second runner up. I enjoyed a Maple Shake (SUPER YUMMY!) visited with some friends and came home... and could not sleep AT ALL.
My first night of third shift syndrome, I was wide a wake until 6 AM... lol... and then fell asleep until 2:30 PM.
Tuesday is the Market Swine show at the fair. My sister Abby, nephew Rian, and cousins Amber and Hannah are showing piggies.
If you get the chance to go to the fair do it! Admission is only $6 and that includes rides and grandstand activities.
I am having PLUM WITHDRAWAL, I finished One through Thirteen, and my cousin Amy is reading Fearless Fourteen, so I am waiting for her to get done with it. I also read all the between the numbers books, so if anyone has some good suggestions for a good read send it my way!
Take care!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Day

Just checking in with you all! I worked my first shift at my new position and WOW! I have A LOT to learn, but the gal who is training me is VERY GOOD at her job and is sharing all of her tips and tricks with me. Right now I am concentrating on learning the HOW it is done, and hopefully the WHY comes along in due time. She even started a notebook for me with cheat sheets, thank goodness for that because my brain is ready to bust after last night! On a positive note, she told me that I am doing things that the person before me did not do for a couple of months into his training and I was doing them my first night! I did make a few OOOPSIES... and had to chase a roll of flying dimes, but that was more funny than anything! The night flew by so very quickly and before I knew it, it was time to go!
Best part is that I work tonight and then I am off for two. Love the schedule! I even got to be a little bit crafty today, and I am feeling my mojo making a return. I know that they Olympians have been feeding off of it, and if they need to use it for a while longer that is okay, but it really needed to be crafty today!
Take care!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Bye Curse-at-me Desk...

This is a long one, I have been saving up for you! Get comfy, it is a long one!
Today was it, my last shift at the desk, 1 pm to 10 pm. The desk has been very quiet this week, Johnstown is hosting the AAABA and I think the entire city must be at the Point Stadium. (Not that I am complaining about that!) All that quietness at the desk left me plenty of time to ponder what I liked about the desk and what I would miss and on the other side of that coin what I hate and am glad to not have to deal with any more. Here are my observations...

I will miss

  • People watching, boy the sites that you can see on any given day! It is truly entertaining!
  • My co-workers, each with their own unique quirks, but we managed most days to not kill each other!
  • My friends from the other areas that were my lunch companions in the lounge.
  • Being the self appointed "fashion police." There were days that the violations were too many to count.
  • The occasional eye candy that we gals got to see.
  • Checking out the "it's really a guy, but it looks like a girl"... we always try to figure out where they are putting IT.

I will not miss

  • The general nut balls, thieves and liars of which there were PLENTY.
  • The beginning of the month welfare, Social Security and Food Stamp rush. Not gonna miss it one teeny tiny little bit.
  • Mr & Mrs Stinky & family. Soap is cheap and water is nearly free. Take a bath once a week or so, especially before you come to see me. We raise pigs here on the farm that smell better than you!
  • Mr & Mrs I Lose My Kids Every Freaking Time... really.... and then you yell at the kids when they come to me to page you on the loudspeaker. Thanks too, for taking your sweet old time getting to the desk to retrieve them. You are so wonderful yelling at your kid who is in tears since they have been sitting here for 1o minutes waiting for you to get them. How about keeping a better eye on them in the first place! I vote for handcuffing kids to parents!
  • The people who complain about EVERYTHING. I don't see someone standing next to you with a gun to your head forcing you to shop here, you have a choice, shop elsewhere if you hate this place so much.
  • People who return food. It is one thing to return food that is spoiled before it should be. However, if you have had it past it's expiration and had time to use it, but did not, TDB!! If you overbought, oh well, do better next time. Any food that leaves the store must be destroyed, what a waste! Donate it to the food pantry.
  • People who think that I want to know about their "female problems down stairs" and how their husband is upset because he's not getting any lovin'. Don't want to know, don't want think about it, too late, I got a mental picture and now I have to go wash my brain and eyes out with soap!!!! But thanks for letting me know you have conjunctivitis so I can throw my pen away and Lysol the counter top and debit reader!
  • The customer who thinks that a motorized shopping cart is the same size as a wheelchair and should fit into the restroom. It is NOT a wheelchair and it is too big to fit into the restroom. Even though you got it in there and now are STUCK. That is your OWN fault and why do you think it is MY PROBLEM to get you out?
  • Don't get me started on the VALID PHOTO ID people... I think I have beat that dead horse enough!
  • Last of all, I am not going to miss the CELL PHONE CHATTER! HANG UP THE DARN PHONE!


Take a deep cleansing breath with me... Let it out... Relax, it was all a bad dream...

Take care!

Perseid Meteor Shower

Monday night into Tuesday morning the 2008 Perseid Meteor shower peaked. I love to watch the show, so at about 2 AM I convinced my DH, Ken to come out to the back yard and watch with me. I got bundled up in my sweats and jacket, grabbed the sleeping bag and a flashlight and we set out for the back yard. It was truly amazing! I have watched the Leonid's before,but it is always pretty brisk in November, so watching on a slightly cool summer night was quite nice! We stayed out for about an hour and saw at least 30 meteors shoot across the sky. The sky clouded over and we weren't seeing anything at all, or I would have likely stayed out until sunrise! My DH was quite the good sport about being dragged out in the middle of the night and I think that once we started to see the meteors he did enjoy it. You can find out more info on upcoming Meteor events HERE.
When I was a camp counselor (many many moons ago) sleeping out under the stars was probably my most favorite thing that we did each week. I always tried to schedule our "sleep out" night early in the week, so that if the weather was not cooperative I could still reschedule for later in the week. My favorite sleep out site was up at the top of the hill, beyond the trading post, in the field below the tall oaks. It is dark there and the sky is just sparkling with billions or trillions of stars. The best week of all was when the "city kids" came from the mission. They were in absolute awe of the brilliant star filled night sky.
There is a state park here in Pennsylvania called Cherry Springs that has one of the best "dark skies" on the East coast. There are "Star Parties" and other special events through out the year. Pretty cool!
I still have Olympic Fever and I haven't found my crafty mojo, apparently it went with Bab's Mojo to the Olympics... LOL! Tomorrow is my last shift at the Curse-at-me Desk. I am anxious to start my new position, a little apprehensive, since it is like going to a new school and having to make new friends. Say a prayer and keep a good thought for me! Take care
GO USA!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever!

Do you have it??? We have a pretty bad case of it here! GO TEAM USA!!!!!
How about our Men's Gymnastic Team~ they won the bronze when no one expected them to medal at all!
The Men's Swim Team! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Winning the Gold medals, shattering world records, it doesn't get better than that, well, except for Phelps who now has the most gold medals of anyone on the planet I think.
Ladies Softball~ Kicking butt and taking names... they are doing so well that the mercy rule was used!
Ladies Beach Volleyball~ also just kicking butt!!
Ladies Saber~ they swept GOLD, SILVER, & BRONZE!
I know I am full of excuses for not being crafty at the moment. I think my crafty mojo went on vacation without me! Hopefully it comes back soon, cause I have work to do!
Take care!

Monday, August 11, 2008

On Her Own

My dear step daughter Melanie is on her own. She is living in her own (very tiny) apartment. We drove out to see her today. We took with us a load of groceries and some house stuff for her. Nana is loaning her a microwave and she is borrowing a cell phone from her father's vast collection of cast offs until she can get hers repaired.
She is paying more per month for her tiny bit of independence than my parents paid for their mortgage. She has no land line phone, no cable tv, and until we arrived her cupboard was pretty near bare, but she was happy as a clam. LOL! She is making friends with the other struggling young people in her building and some other folks in the neighborhood. She is not too far from her Mother if a crisis should occur.
It is so hard to believe that she was just nine when I met her and now she is grown and on her own. I have a mix of feelings some scared, mostly proud that she is spreading her wings a bit. So Mel, if you are reading this, we are proud of you! (AND CALL US!) Love You!
Take care!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some Random Stuff

I will start my new position on August 15th, and I am thinking it will not be soon enough. I had one of those eyerolling days today. I thought they were going to have to use that shackle and chain out that they keep under my register to keep me from going up over the counter and hurting someone. (Don't laugh too hard, I know I would most likely hurt myself more getting over the counter, but man there are days....)
We had our inventory today at Wallywork. We don't do the actual count, an outside company does that, we just do a huge amount of preparation and then hang out all day and hold our breath. The last couple years have not been so good inventory wise, so when we got the GREAT NEWS today it was all the more wonderful!
I will have to find some pictures of that dinosaur cake, I know that we took some photos of me, DH and Rian with it the day after the wedding when we were opening gifts. Becky also requested a pic of the chocolate pudding cake with PB icing... I think that you can find one in the archives in April 2007 or search "bundt pan" and you will get it. I haven't made one of those in a while, might have to get on that over the weekend!
A Plum Crazy update... I am ready to start reading Twelve Sharp. I have also read two of the between the numbers, Plum Lovin' and Visions of Sugar Plums. I laugh out loud in the car, the lounge at work and anywhere else I happen to be reading them! Not much crafting going on at the moment, I am too hooked on the books!
Take Care!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I bet you have never seen a wedding cake with a mud truck on top!

How is this for marital compromise?
This is the cake that my Mom and I made over the weekend for our neighbors, Greg and Beth. They are building a mud truck to run and wanted a unique cake... I think we accomplished that! The guy from the beer distributor stopped in to hook up the taps while we were setting it up and he was quite impressed with it. The groom's mom, not so much...LOL! The bride and groom were thrilled with it and that was all I really cared about!
For future reference, when my nephew Rian gets married his wedding cake is going to be a dinosaur. Ri was about 5 when Kenny and I got married. He asked what the cake was going to be like and we showed him a picture of it. Stupidly, I asked if he thought it was nice... of course he said no, it should be a dinosaur, so along with the wedding cake we had a dinosaur cake... makes me think of that crazy armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias... LOL
Take care!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Just two quick pictures from the family reunion. It was one of the nicest ones I have been to in quite a few years. The picture above is my Dad and his Aunt Anna Mae. Anna Mae is the oldest living descendant of the Shroyer who started the whole reunion thing. She came back here (her childhood home) for her High school reunion and the family reunion. It was so nice to see her and visit with her!
From the oldest to the newest... This little fella (the baby there in the blanket, not my DH) attended his first reunion at the tender age of 10 days. He is my cousin Jeff and Desiree's newborn. There is nothing sweeter than the site of my big tough hubby making baby talk to a sleeping infant.

Friday, August 01, 2008

About two weeks ago I interviewed for a position in the Accounting Office at Wallywork. It is an overnight job. It was offered to me and I accepted it, so there will be some adjustments going on around here. I will still only be working four days a week, thankfully, and my ranting will likely simmer down some. (LOL!) I won't have as much customer contact, and as you all know that really breaks my heart... There is also an increase in pay too. Not a bad deal. I will have to work a few weekends, but I am actually okay with that. My DH works night shift as well so hopefully we will get to spend more time together. I hope to have some more crafty time too!
Today is the first of the month and I am absolutely thrilled that I do not have to be at Wallywork. (Especially since the 3rd is Sunday, so we will be hit super bad today...UGHHHH!) I did have to stop in the store to pick up some things and I was mentally kicking myself for it!
Tomorrow I have a wedding reception (and cake) and my Family reunion... always a REAL treat! This one will be special though, since my Great Aunt Anna Mae is here for this one, she is the last surviving of my Grandmother's siblings. She lives in Missouri and made the trip back here for her class reunion and the family reunion. I am quite excited about seeing her!
I have one more Wallywork RANT saved up and I will get it out of my system in the near future! Until then, take care!