Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fair

I took a short nap yesterday and then went to the 108th Somerset County Fair. It was a good day to be at the fair. Somerset Trust Company was hosting free admission and parking day and handing out stadium seat cushions. WOOHOO! Went to the Queen Contest. My baby sister Abby was a contestant. She looked so pretty in her gown and was the second runner up. I enjoyed a Maple Shake (SUPER YUMMY!) visited with some friends and came home... and could not sleep AT ALL.
My first night of third shift syndrome, I was wide a wake until 6 AM... lol... and then fell asleep until 2:30 PM.
Tuesday is the Market Swine show at the fair. My sister Abby, nephew Rian, and cousins Amber and Hannah are showing piggies.
If you get the chance to go to the fair do it! Admission is only $6 and that includes rides and grandstand activities.
I am having PLUM WITHDRAWAL, I finished One through Thirteen, and my cousin Amy is reading Fearless Fourteen, so I am waiting for her to get done with it. I also read all the between the numbers books, so if anyone has some good suggestions for a good read send it my way!
Take care!


CB from BG said...

My GF that recommended the Plum series also likes the books by an author with a last name Weiner. She said they are a tad deeper than Plum but still very entertaining.