Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Product review... Fiskars Glue Dots... just as good as Zots... actually I think they may be a bit stickier. (Is that a word? I guess it is, since it passed the spell check!) I used the smallest size thin to adhere some metallic ribbon bows to the front of the cards for the Christmas Cards in July swap and it worked wonderfully. I also like that the roll they come on is not as wide as the Zots one, the Fiskars ones are all in a single file row.

Another adhesive that I have been using is also available at Wallywork. It is quite similar to the Tombow Monoadhesive (TM), as a matter of fact at first glance I did mistake it for Tombow. It is definitely gummier than TM. I have found that when using it in order to not get that stretchy tail of gummy adhesive you need to stop rolling it, stand it on end and give it a little flick of the wrist and then lift away. That cuts it off and eliminates the adhesive tail most of the time. I did have an issue with the used portion not rolling onto the take-up reel, however that is easily fixed by simply opening the dispenser and manually winding it. I did that once and did not have any more problems with it.

Wallywork also now sells the same brand of adhesive in a dotto style as well. The dispenser retails at my store for less than $4 and refills are 2/package for $2.27. Pretty economical in my book! The dotto is repositionable to permanent. I have used it and am testing how long it takes to get to the permanent set stage. After a day or so it is a bit more difficult to get remove. The blue one is the regular runner, the purple is the dotto style.

I am still on the Stephanie Plum book kick, I am up to the seventh one and they are just sooooo good!
Card swappers, I am just waiting for one package to arrive and they I will get them out to you!
Take care!


CB from BG said...

I have been using the WM adhesive for a year now and really like it too!
My coworker was just telling me about those books too. So me and Barb R just jumped on the Plum-wagon too!!!
However, mine will be read out of you think I will get lost or are they pretty independent of one another????