Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Product review... Fiskars Glue Dots... just as good as Zots... actually I think they may be a bit stickier. (Is that a word? I guess it is, since it passed the spell check!) I used the smallest size thin to adhere some metallic ribbon bows to the front of the cards for the Christmas Cards in July swap and it worked wonderfully. I also like that the roll they come on is not as wide as the Zots one, the Fiskars ones are all in a single file row.

Another adhesive that I have been using is also available at Wallywork. It is quite similar to the Tombow Monoadhesive (TM), as a matter of fact at first glance I did mistake it for Tombow. It is definitely gummier than TM. I have found that when using it in order to not get that stretchy tail of gummy adhesive you need to stop rolling it, stand it on end and give it a little flick of the wrist and then lift away. That cuts it off and eliminates the adhesive tail most of the time. I did have an issue with the used portion not rolling onto the take-up reel, however that is easily fixed by simply opening the dispenser and manually winding it. I did that once and did not have any more problems with it.

Wallywork also now sells the same brand of adhesive in a dotto style as well. The dispenser retails at my store for less than $4 and refills are 2/package for $2.27. Pretty economical in my book! The dotto is repositionable to permanent. I have used it and am testing how long it takes to get to the permanent set stage. After a day or so it is a bit more difficult to get remove. The blue one is the regular runner, the purple is the dotto style.

I am still on the Stephanie Plum book kick, I am up to the seventh one and they are just sooooo good!
Card swappers, I am just waiting for one package to arrive and they I will get them out to you!
Take care!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Spent Saturday afternoon with my friends Dee, Harry, Jean, Debbie and Jerry and Susie making about 500 gobs for the Fall Harvest Gospel Music Festival. It is at Camp Harmony on Labor Day weekend. (The gobs are frozen after they are made.) We made Pumpkin, Chocolate, and Chocolate with Peanut butter filling. YUM YUM YUMMMMYY!!!!
Dee is a match maker, pairing up the tops and bottoms.
Here is the production line, filling and bagging the finished gobs.


Speaking of gobs, Travis went with my Mom this morning to the Farmers Market at the Georgian Place in Somerset. The 4-H club helps out by carrying packages and they also sell refreshments. He had a few dollars in his pocket so he made a couple of purchases.. a pan of cinnamon rolls from the bakery, a honey comb, and the last thing he bought was not out on the counter, he had put it in the freezer... he told me he bought a "gobler" You know one of those chocolate things with the filling in the middle. I look in the freezer and I see a GOB! ACKKK!!!!

Take care!


P.S. My cards are done WOOOHOOOOO!!!!
I will post pics of every one's swap cards after I have mailed them out.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Shed is Delivered!

My DH has been wanting a shed for as long as he has lived here. We did have one of those aluminum ones from Sears, but the wind got it during a storm and it was just a BIG metal tumbleweed blowing across the field.
Travis thinks it is his new "cabin" I just think that it is a good thing to have and I am so glad that there is a place for all of his tools and paraphenalia. The hallelujah is because I will never have to wipe sawdust off of my kitchen table again. (Hopefully!)
I don't know, it is kinda cute, very roomy, I think I could get all my scrapping stuff in there alonge with a few friends... maybe I will take it for a scrapping shed like Stepanie over at Homegrown Hospitality... she calls hers a "Shead-Teau." I am thinking DH is not going to have that...LOL!
Take Care!

Super Stampers Seven!

Last evening was our first Stampers 7 Club meeting. I had such a good time! It was nice to spend some time crafting and visiting with Sharon and Aub, Barb, Tracy, and Kathy! I learned so many NEW things! The card above is a crayon resist technique. The areas on the green panel that are white were colored with a white crayon before we used a brayer to ink over the whole thing. TOOOO NIFTY!
This sweet little card is an explosion card, so it pops out all over the place when you pull the two sides. Snowflakes are one of my favorite images and I have a BUNCH of them, but these are REALLY nice ones!
Saved the best for last! This is a ceramic tile that can be used as a dry erase board! How cool is that! It is stamped with StazOn, heated, colored with Sharpies and heated again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (Did I mention that I love it??)
We had great food too! Yummy taco dip, Butterscotch delight and Farmers Market dip from Tastefully Simple. Super YUMMMY!
Take care!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plum Crazy!
So, my cousin Amy tells me she loves these Stephanie Plum novels, written by Janet Evanovich. The book series is about her (mis)adventures as a novice bounty hunter. Dear Lord are they laugh out loud funny! The series is up to number fourteen at the moment. My friend Ruthann loaned me the entire series last Thursday and I am almost done with the third book already! So I have been busy reading away, not so much scrapping is getting done!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bugs and Flowers

Sorry I missed a few days here. I was a busy girl with work and home and crafty stuff! Last evening was my CMC's crop at Berkey Church. WOW! What a crowd! I think there were about 30 people there.
These little beauties are the Make and Take page samples I made using the paper and stickers she gave as a "goodie" for attending.
I absolutely LOVE laser cut stickers. They are so intricate and delicate, and GORGEOUS!
I also was loving my large square shape maker, as you can probably tell. I tried to keep the pages simple and pretty and easy. The stickers alone are so beautiful that they did not need a bunch of fussy stuff.
This note is for my Christmas Cards in July swappers~ I got Sharon's cards yesterday, so she is getting a little something special for be the first to get her stuff to me! Thanks Sharon! Her cards are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you are making!!!
Take Care!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do Your Part to Fight the Long Lines..
I have done my job for nearly 16 years now. I am pretty efficient and have streamlined the process quite well in my humble opinion, so trust me when I say I am doing all that I can to move things along. Here are a few things that you can do to help.
  • If you have receipt, give it to me. Making me hunt through three bags of merchandise for it does not make things go faster.
  • If you don't have a receipt, I am going to ask for your ID. NOW would be a good time to start looking for it. (See I am giving you time to look for it while I process your items so that when I need to input it to finish the return we do not have to wait.) By the way, you may have heard me mention this a few hundred times before, it must be a PHOTO ID and it must be VALID.
  • Do not hand me EVERY receipt from the three years with your 20 or so items that you found while you were cleaning the trunk of your car, attic, garage and closet in the spare bedroom. A little organization on your part goes a LONG WAY to helping speed the process.
  • There is a point in time when whatever it is that you bought belongs to YOU and is no longer eligible for return. That time would be 90 days from the day you bought it. So, NO you cannot return the dress you bought on clearance three years ago. It is yours, if you no longer want it I have a few suggestions... Ebay, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or the garbage all come to mind.
  • If you just stood in line for 10 minutes waiting to buy money orders, do you think you might have a clue as to what amounts you would like them to be? Recalling from memory is not working for you, might I suggest a list?
  • Since you knew you were buying money orders it would be nice if you had a plan on how you are going to pay for them. It isn't hard, you have two choices, CASH or DEBIT with pin. Nope, sorry we don't take checks or credit cards for these.


This rant was brought to you by the lady who called me stupid on Tuesday. I don't wait on people who call me names, so step aside ma'am, who is next in line?

Take care, I promise a more scrappy themed post tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

whatchamacallits and glue dots

Allow me to introduce you to an old friend! The Hershey's Whatchamacallit candy bar. I haven't seen one in years and now they are on the check outs at Wallywork. Peanutbutter crispy, caramel and chocolate, what more is there really?
I am not sure how many of you were witness to my glue dot melt down of last month. It seemed that Wallywork had decided to no longer sell the Zots glue dots and just with out warning clearanced them and removed them from the modular. This in turn must have caused a general panic and fear of a glue dot shortage, because Michaels was also out of stock on them. I was not happy at all.


Glue dots are my choice of adhesive for ribbons and buttons and many other lumpy items. I always purchased them at Wallywork, since they were less $$ than Michaels, plus you got a bigger box. Well, lo and behold while I was checking out the Martha wall the other day, out of the corner of my eye I spied these Fiskars thin glue dots, in three sizes of thin and one size of thick. I fell to my knees and gave thanks and all was once again well with the world. (Can't you hear the music and see the angels??) I will give them a thorough review and get back to you on what I think of them very soon!

Take care!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Scrapping Stuff at Wal-Mart!

(Martha's in the House!)

I was quite surprised to learn we would be carrying a line of Martha Stewart crafting items in our paper crafts area and also in the wedding crafts.
We have cutting systems, punches, border punches, markers, pens, ink pads, acrylic stamps, glitter, glues, paper pads, embellishments, ribbons, albums, album kits, and much more!
You have to stop in and check it all out! I have a wish list as long as my arm!

Take care!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We went on Friday. Travis did okay, I think he was hurting pretty good until the day was done, but he would not admit to any of that.

Nana and Tyler and Travis waiting for the Howler ride.

Kenny and I spent most of the day with nephew Tyler. Travis took off with the big boys, which was probably better, since I would have been fussing about his foot and crutches and all that, all day.

Looks like he had a good day... youngest nephew.
Nothing much more to say. I did not get to go to the Stamping show in Monroeville and I am a bit bummed. Oh well, I have plans for some of our stimulus money that involves a road trip!
Take care!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

That is the official word from the orthopedic specialist. Although, she was not certain that it was, she felt it best to treat it as one. Travis has an air cast on for two weeks, more resting it, elevating it, putting ice on it and doing some easy movements with it. She did tell him was allowed to take it off and go in the pool, but no jumping in and no weight on it getting out. After that he goes for a re-check. Dr. Sullivan said four to six weeks in the cast with crutches and then some PT if it is healing well.
It is not looking so good for the Idlewild trip on Friday though. Summer camp is likely out too, at
least the one that he likes to go to. They hike on the Laurel Highland trail for a couple of days and then go rafting on the Yough. We are looking in to some other options... wish us some luck!
Anybody going to the Stamp Scrap Art Tour Rubber Stamp Show in Monroeville this weekend? If you go, don't forget to also travel into the city to Stamp Fanci, she has a great sale going on in the back room.
I am also working up a pretty good work related check back! LOL!
Take care!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

*******Upcoming Events*******

Friday, July 18 Creative Memories Workshop at Berkey Church of the Brethren

Friday, September 12~ Creative Memories Workshop at Berkey Church

Friday & Saturday September 19 & 20~ Scrap the Day Away at St. Andrew School

Saturday, November 8~ Camp Harmony Crop (this is the one that I host! Hope you can make it!)

I will be teaching a make and take at all of these events. Let a comment if you need more info about any of the events!
I still NEED ONE person for the Christmas Cards in July Swap! This is me... begging you to be a sweetheart and help me out! Yes you! It is really easy, just 10 cards total, make two different designs, 5 of each. You know you want to participate! I have seen your work and it is beautiful! Don't be shy, come on, sign up!
Take care!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I found these cards while looking for something else the other day. I made them months ago, before Mother's Day, since I can recall working on them at the Speaking of Women's Health event at Wally-work. Just a couple of easy, pretty and fast cards!
We went to DH's company picnic this afternoon. It was nice to visit with the guys he works with and their families. DH works for Creative Pultrusions in Pleasantville. (Hi Joyce! Hi Carolyn!) The food was yummy (wish I could remember the name of the caterer!) Hubby got an embroidered fleece blanket, a mini led flashlight and he won a $25 Sheetz card. Pretty good afternoon!
Travis is doing ok. He pitched a pretty big fit when we wouldn't let him take his splint off and go in the pool today. Other than that he is like a bull in a china shop on those crutches and we are constantly reminding him to prop it up and ice it. Blogger is being a BUTT and I am frustrated, so for now I am signing off, take care!

Can you guess where we just got home from?
Long story, but these are the highlights. We go to visit my cousin Amy and some friends at their camp in Manns Choice. Travis takes his bike. Travis gets tangled in the bike. Travis' ankle swells up like a blowfish and turns purple. Off to the ER we go. We get checked in, they take x-rays and check his ankle and foot. (Oh yeah, I can't forget to mention that Trav's favorite pass time is to ride the bike in the woods were they are logging around our house, so he and the bike are usually covered in mud.) Three hours later we are home. The ER Dr. didn't see any fracture, but since the growth plates are still open we will see an orthopedist on Monday.
Take care, I am going to bed!

Friday, July 04, 2008

For Teacher
My cousin Joshua's wife Brianna was just hired as a teacher. This is her first full time teaching position and we are just thrilled for her! She will be teaching first grade at a school that she has been substitute teaching at regularly for the past year. I made a little gift bag for her with some teacher goodies in it. I included rolls of stickers, a note pad, some school printed loot bags, a bunch of stamps that say things like 100%, Good Job, Please Finish, and some of these sweet little notecards. The inside says "From the Desk of Mrs. Y"
The black board pattern paper is DCWV from a Fall Stack. Stamped image is a wood mounted stamp that I found at the Dollar Tree. Scallop ovals are Marvy punches. Ribbon is from my massive collection.
I think that these notecards would make a nice gift for any teacher in your life!
On a side note, I ate ENTIRELY TOO MUCH today. We had a pretty good day, inspite of the less than lovely weather. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.
Still one spot left for the Christmas Cards in July Swap. See two posts below for details!
Take Care!

Happy Independence Day!
Hope you are having a picnic, staying dry and having some fun with the ones you love dearly!
We always attend the YODER'S BIG JULY 4TH BASH. While there we consume wayyyyy to much food, have tons of fun, visit and get caught up on what has been going on with every one's family.
My contribution to the way to much food is Knorr Spinach Dip and Rice Krispie Treats. Both good old standards!
While you are celebrating take a moment to remember those who serve in our armed forces to keep us all safe and free. Give thanks for all that they do and all the sacrifices that they make.
So far Barb, Sharon and Tracy have signed up for the Christmas Cards in July Swap. Only one seat left! If you want it to be yours let a comment on the previous post!
Take care!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Christmas cards in July!

So I am kind of really enjoying this swapping thing. (Except for the panic two days before the stuff is due when I get the GREAT IDEA!) Since my card makers day was originally to be "Christmas Cards in July" and we got bumped up to June I am hosting a Christmas themed card swap here on Everyday Blessings. Details are as follows...

  • 5 spots available (actually 4 since I plan to participate)
  • Each person makes 10 cards, 5 each of 2 designs (does that make sense?)
  • Please put a sentiment inside the card.
  • Include an envelope for your cards (decorated would be nice!)
  • Give the back of your card your mark.
  • No Vendor Requirement, anything goes! I know I will be dazzled and amazed with your talents as always!
  • Sign up for a spot by July 7.
  • Cards due to me by July 28, I will mail back to you promptly after receiving all cards.
  • Please send your cards in a zipper bag to be sure it all stays dry.
  • Include an addressed return envelope with the same amount of postage it took to mail your cards, plus a few extra stamps (loose so they can be returned to you if they are not needed.)
  • A little something *special* will be included for the first cards received!

So ladies... who out there wants to get a head start on their Christmas cards? Reserve your space by letting a comment here on the blog!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just a quick Hello!
Going back to work after ten days of vacation STINKS!
Going back at the beginning of the month is just downright HORRIBLE!!!!
I am planning a Christmas Cards in July card swap, so check back for the details!