Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Bye Curse-at-me Desk...

This is a long one, I have been saving up for you! Get comfy, it is a long one!
Today was it, my last shift at the desk, 1 pm to 10 pm. The desk has been very quiet this week, Johnstown is hosting the AAABA and I think the entire city must be at the Point Stadium. (Not that I am complaining about that!) All that quietness at the desk left me plenty of time to ponder what I liked about the desk and what I would miss and on the other side of that coin what I hate and am glad to not have to deal with any more. Here are my observations...

I will miss

  • People watching, boy the sites that you can see on any given day! It is truly entertaining!
  • My co-workers, each with their own unique quirks, but we managed most days to not kill each other!
  • My friends from the other areas that were my lunch companions in the lounge.
  • Being the self appointed "fashion police." There were days that the violations were too many to count.
  • The occasional eye candy that we gals got to see.
  • Checking out the "it's really a guy, but it looks like a girl"... we always try to figure out where they are putting IT.

I will not miss

  • The general nut balls, thieves and liars of which there were PLENTY.
  • The beginning of the month welfare, Social Security and Food Stamp rush. Not gonna miss it one teeny tiny little bit.
  • Mr & Mrs Stinky & family. Soap is cheap and water is nearly free. Take a bath once a week or so, especially before you come to see me. We raise pigs here on the farm that smell better than you!
  • Mr & Mrs I Lose My Kids Every Freaking Time... really.... and then you yell at the kids when they come to me to page you on the loudspeaker. Thanks too, for taking your sweet old time getting to the desk to retrieve them. You are so wonderful yelling at your kid who is in tears since they have been sitting here for 1o minutes waiting for you to get them. How about keeping a better eye on them in the first place! I vote for handcuffing kids to parents!
  • The people who complain about EVERYTHING. I don't see someone standing next to you with a gun to your head forcing you to shop here, you have a choice, shop elsewhere if you hate this place so much.
  • People who return food. It is one thing to return food that is spoiled before it should be. However, if you have had it past it's expiration and had time to use it, but did not, TDB!! If you overbought, oh well, do better next time. Any food that leaves the store must be destroyed, what a waste! Donate it to the food pantry.
  • People who think that I want to know about their "female problems down stairs" and how their husband is upset because he's not getting any lovin'. Don't want to know, don't want think about it, too late, I got a mental picture and now I have to go wash my brain and eyes out with soap!!!! But thanks for letting me know you have conjunctivitis so I can throw my pen away and Lysol the counter top and debit reader!
  • The customer who thinks that a motorized shopping cart is the same size as a wheelchair and should fit into the restroom. It is NOT a wheelchair and it is too big to fit into the restroom. Even though you got it in there and now are STUCK. That is your OWN fault and why do you think it is MY PROBLEM to get you out?
  • Don't get me started on the VALID PHOTO ID people... I think I have beat that dead horse enough!
  • Last of all, I am not going to miss the CELL PHONE CHATTER! HANG UP THE DARN PHONE!


Take a deep cleansing breath with me... Let it out... Relax, it was all a bad dream...

Take care!


Barb said...

LOL! There are brigher days ahead my friend! All good things come to those who wait and YOU HAVE WAITED YOUR FAIR SHARE SO ENJOY THE GOOD STUFF COMING YOUR WAY!
I love the Mr. & Mrs. Stinky...cracks me up! I agree!

CB from BG said...

Wahoo - first day of the new job.
Go get'em girlfriend!!!

Anonymous said...

i love it!!! we are going to miss the tales from Wallywork......but i am sure you will be a lot happier in your new job. working with the public is always an eye-opening to how the rest of the world lives, isn't it??? after 15 years, i'm sure you have a lot more tales to tell, huh? happy moments in your new job!!.....BS2