Thursday, August 14, 2008

Perseid Meteor Shower

Monday night into Tuesday morning the 2008 Perseid Meteor shower peaked. I love to watch the show, so at about 2 AM I convinced my DH, Ken to come out to the back yard and watch with me. I got bundled up in my sweats and jacket, grabbed the sleeping bag and a flashlight and we set out for the back yard. It was truly amazing! I have watched the Leonid's before,but it is always pretty brisk in November, so watching on a slightly cool summer night was quite nice! We stayed out for about an hour and saw at least 30 meteors shoot across the sky. The sky clouded over and we weren't seeing anything at all, or I would have likely stayed out until sunrise! My DH was quite the good sport about being dragged out in the middle of the night and I think that once we started to see the meteors he did enjoy it. You can find out more info on upcoming Meteor events HERE.
When I was a camp counselor (many many moons ago) sleeping out under the stars was probably my most favorite thing that we did each week. I always tried to schedule our "sleep out" night early in the week, so that if the weather was not cooperative I could still reschedule for later in the week. My favorite sleep out site was up at the top of the hill, beyond the trading post, in the field below the tall oaks. It is dark there and the sky is just sparkling with billions or trillions of stars. The best week of all was when the "city kids" came from the mission. They were in absolute awe of the brilliant star filled night sky.
There is a state park here in Pennsylvania called Cherry Springs that has one of the best "dark skies" on the East coast. There are "Star Parties" and other special events through out the year. Pretty cool!
I still have Olympic Fever and I haven't found my crafty mojo, apparently it went with Bab's Mojo to the Olympics... LOL! Tomorrow is my last shift at the Curse-at-me Desk. I am anxious to start my new position, a little apprehensive, since it is like going to a new school and having to make new friends. Say a prayer and keep a good thought for me! Take care
GO USA!!!!!!


CB from BG said...

Your worldliness never ceases to amaze me!