Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Day

Just checking in with you all! I worked my first shift at my new position and WOW! I have A LOT to learn, but the gal who is training me is VERY GOOD at her job and is sharing all of her tips and tricks with me. Right now I am concentrating on learning the HOW it is done, and hopefully the WHY comes along in due time. She even started a notebook for me with cheat sheets, thank goodness for that because my brain is ready to bust after last night! On a positive note, she told me that I am doing things that the person before me did not do for a couple of months into his training and I was doing them my first night! I did make a few OOOPSIES... and had to chase a roll of flying dimes, but that was more funny than anything! The night flew by so very quickly and before I knew it, it was time to go!
Best part is that I work tonight and then I am off for two. Love the schedule! I even got to be a little bit crafty today, and I am feeling my mojo making a return. I know that they Olympians have been feeding off of it, and if they need to use it for a while longer that is okay, but it really needed to be crafty today!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

glad your first night went so well. you won't have any trouble getting to learn the job; pretty soon it will be old hat! good luck!

Babs said...

Also glad to hear it went well! Like BS2 due time you'll be a pro at it! How exciting for you!

Dee said...

Ha! Should have read your blog before emailing you. LOL Missed you and was wondering if you started yet. Good Luck and you will be wonderful because, you are!!