Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some Random Stuff

I will start my new position on August 15th, and I am thinking it will not be soon enough. I had one of those eyerolling days today. I thought they were going to have to use that shackle and chain out that they keep under my register to keep me from going up over the counter and hurting someone. (Don't laugh too hard, I know I would most likely hurt myself more getting over the counter, but man there are days....)
We had our inventory today at Wallywork. We don't do the actual count, an outside company does that, we just do a huge amount of preparation and then hang out all day and hold our breath. The last couple years have not been so good inventory wise, so when we got the GREAT NEWS today it was all the more wonderful!
I will have to find some pictures of that dinosaur cake, I know that we took some photos of me, DH and Rian with it the day after the wedding when we were opening gifts. Becky also requested a pic of the chocolate pudding cake with PB icing... I think that you can find one in the archives in April 2007 or search "bundt pan" and you will get it. I haven't made one of those in a while, might have to get on that over the weekend!
A Plum Crazy update... I am ready to start reading Twelve Sharp. I have also read two of the between the numbers, Plum Lovin' and Visions of Sugar Plums. I laugh out loud in the car, the lounge at work and anywhere else I happen to be reading them! Not much crafting going on at the moment, I am too hooked on the books!
Take Care!


Mrs.Conn2 said...

You start your new job the day before my birthday! yahooo!

CB from BG said...

You can do it....just one more week until the new job!!!!
Welp - it is official, we are on the Plum-wagon (too funny). Barb is done with #1 and I am almost done with it. We have 2 and 4 ready. #3 was checked out at the library so we are waiting......