Friday, November 23, 2007

$300 Later....

I need a nap! We were up and shopping at the crack of dawn today.... I got some pretty great deals on some things too! I was home before 10 AM and now I want a nap. Anyone else get some great deals out there this morning? I know Nicole did!
I got DH the one thing that he REALLY wanted and I could not resist giving it to him right away. He put it to good use right away, as he and my Mom are on their way to Pittsburgh. The surgeon wants to operate on my Gram right away.
BS1 gets the prize for the first Christmas card of the season...we got her card in the mail today! I have not even thought of a design for ours yet. Hopefully tomorrow while I am cropping at Berkey Church with my CMC Barb Shaffer I will get started on them.
The sweet little card above is a Make & Take by CTMH rep Jamee Boozer from the St. Andrews School crop that I attended a while back. He is really sweet and his little nose sparkles!
What is your favorite way to eat leftover turkey? Mine is kind of unusual... straight out of the fridge with ketchup on it. YUM!
Take care!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all are having a wonderful turkey filled, family filled Thanksgiving! Every 18 years or so I have to get to the kitchen and finish cooking the dinner that my Momma started.... last time it was cause she was in labor with Gabby Abby. My Uncle Les still says that meal is sitting in his stomach undigested like a brick after 18 years. Tomorrow is her birthday.
Today I get to have a go at dinner once again. Momma got it started, and I have to finish it. She has to go get my Grandmother ready to transport to a Pittsburgh hospital. She has had many complications with her hip replacement surgery and now the doctors have decided that it needs to come out. The infection is not responding to two different broad spectrum antibiotics and no one here in Johnstown wants to touch it. The replacement has to come out and she has to wait 6 weeks or so and heal then they will try again with another one. She won't have any surgery right away because she needs to be off her blood thinning meds for a while before they can operate. She also is very bad about losing blood when she has surgery and since her first surgery they have given her eight units. The original surgery and blood loss also caused her to have a heart attack post-op. This has been pretty stressful for my Mom, who is in charge of all decisions. Please say a prayer for them today.

These are a few woven pieces I made for a make and take project a while ago but thought they would be good on today's Thanksgiving blog post. They are both cut from Sizzix red dies and woven with Fall stack papers.

Turkey Trivia Quiz

Reynold's Kitchen Turkey Tips

A couple of Thanksgiving Links for your enjoyment!Take Care and Don't eat too much Turkey and Pumpkin Pie!

See you at Wal-mart tomorrow morning EARLY!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks Card

Pattern paper is from an old Fall Stack from DCWV. Ribbon is Target $1 Spot. Stamp is Michaels $1 bin. Embossed with the Cuttlebug. Needed some thank you cards for my Camp Crop wrap up. The embossed paper did not scan very well though, the color is more like the orangey stripe on the pattern paper.

Let's see, some things that I am thankful for right now!
* A toasty warm house!
* A good cup of coffee with Gingerbread creamer.
* Glad that it is the time of year to settle in and get crafty!
* Happy that I am FINALLY not working on Thanksgiving, so I can watch the Macy's Parade and eat turkey with the rest of the family!
* Happy that the kiddos are coming to spend Thanksgiving with us.
* Relieved to have a unique theme for my Calendar party table... June the Birthday of the Drive Inn Movie theatre in 1933.

Tell me what you are thankful for right now!
Take Care!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Long Time No Blog!

Thank you! To all the wonderful ladies who came to the crop at Camp Harmony over the weekend! WOW! I was so amazed by our turnout and thought the day went incredibly well! Quite a collection of talented scrapbookers and cardmakers all under one roof.
We have not had our wrap up meeting where we figure out how much we raised and go over the evals to see what we can do better next time, but I will post the results when we do. I have "crunched" the numbers and read the comments and suggestions from the evals though and want to thank you all for your wonderful comments!
Thanks also for the suggestions for my hands. I will have to give some of them a try. As it stands now I have tried.. more regular hand lotions than you would care to hear about, Udder Cream, Eurcerin, Aquaphor, Bag Balm (stinky, but effective) and straight Vaseline.
Take Care!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just a quick post to let you all know I am still here. We got a new to us computer thanks to our friend Joop! Thanks Joop! It is WAYYYYYY faster than the old one! (Thanks Joop!) and it has more programs on it! (THANKS JOOP!)
I am busy preparing for the Camp Crop on Saturday. We have 50, yes, I said FIFTY scrapbookers registered. Please say a prayer in hopes that all goes well.
I can't believe it snowed today... I guess we are due, it is November and it is Pennsylvania. I can tell that winter is here. My poor hands dried right up and are bleeding in spots. (Gross, I know) I am up for any home remedies, cures, old wives tales, that you have for dry hands. My DH just loves it when I slather on an inch of hand cream and put socks on my hands at bedtime... it is just so darn sexy... that and my sweatpants tucked into my socks... that is to keep him from putting his cold feet on me. I know, probably waaayyyyyy to much info for you all.
Let a comment to let me know you haven't given up on me and your remedy to cure these dry hands... Hopefully I will see you on Saturday!