Thursday, August 28, 2008

Butterfly Birthday

This card is also from one of Keathe's Stamp A Stack get togethers. Thought I should get it posted here since it is a rather summery card and it seems that our summer is fading fast!

The Christmas Cards in July Swap cards have been sorted and mailed out, so in a day or two I will post pictures of all of them here on Everyday Blessings. I want to give the ladies who participated a chance to see them in person before I post them up on the blog.


The new position is going well. I am getting the hang of the HOW to do things, the WHY is still a bit foreign to me. (I had a thought the other day, one of those slap yourself on the forehead moments. I don't balance my checking account, I look over the statement, but I don't do the math. What was I thinking, taking a money and math job???? LOL!)
Since I am waiting patiently for Fearless Fourteen, I picked up a few of Janet Evanovich's earlier romance novels and have been enjoying them. They are nice, short, funny and easy reads.
Tomorrow starts the Fall Harvest Gospel Music Festival at Camp Harmony. I will be there all weekend helping in the kitchen.
Take care!