Monday, April 30, 2007

Isn't she so funny!!! Gretchen says the winner is.......
Blog Stalker #1 AND Blog Stalker #2!!! Both Barb and Sharon are getting a journal.... I couldn't pick just one of you ladies (and since there were only the two of you I can easily accomplish the task!)
I must tell you, I had an awesome day yesterday at my CMC's National Scrapbook Day Crop! I guess that CM actually calls it Memoranza, but no matter what they call it, it was a very nice day! I got to teach my Mosaic page to 16 talented ladies, who did beautiful work! I also made 4 sample pages with the CM goody product and my new Close to My Heart stamps and my new Autumn Leaves stamps. I will for sure post them later, but have to go to my Mom's to load up the photos. Also accomplished yesterday was a cute card, and the start of a mini-tin for a gift to be posted at a future date.
Congratulations Barb and Sharon! Journals coming your way!


Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute! It made my day! I so wanted to go to Barb's crop but the hubby had things he wanted to do for the day so I couldn't ask him to watch the kids. I miss Barb's crops. Can't wait to see your pics of the projects you did! Also...I went to the Jennifer Stewart webblog you sent me...turns out she was already on my blog bookmark! Cool! That house is too cute - I might have to find one and try that. YEAH I'm a WINNER! WOOHOO!
Blog Stalker #1

Anonymous said...

as hard as i try, i can never beat Barb to posting first! what's with this?? does the fact that I am not an early riser contribute to this?? 7:08 AM??????who is she kidding?? anyway, i, #2, am happy to be a winner! maybe the next time Barb has a crop you could let me know. seems to me i am missing a lottttttt of neat make it takes!! later..........blogger #2