Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Purse

So it was time to put the red & white snowflake purse away, since it is now S-P-R-I-N-G!!! I had the idea for my spring purse since the moment I saw these bright cheerful striped tea towels at my Wal-mart! Purchased them that very same day, $2.88 for a two pack. Some yellow ribbon for $1.88 and two packs of pink posie buttons, can't remember the price, but less than a dollar a pack... and here is my new bag. Made the straps longer this time so it can be thrown over my shoulder. I am going to make another one, this time using something to help stiffen the fabric up a bit. It needs it since tea towels are not as hefty as placemats. However, to it's advantage, tea towels are BIGGER than most placemats so I get a bigger bag!

My last post about the candy stuff got me thinking about some childhood favorites and how to find them. Here is a great little website, Hometown Favorites, that specializes in old fashioned candies and regional foods. Also while channel surfing last night on the food network I saw this place, Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City. Last but not least for the redneck in us all there is this place, Redneck Snack Baskets.

Take care, have a beautiful day... April showers bring May flowers!


Anonymous said...

That bag is darling! Wish I could sew. I'll leave that up to Connie.
And you're right - April Showers do bring May flowers - so bring on the flowers! Happy April Fool's Day!

Anonymous said...

loved the bag! my sewing days are over, but i still like to look at sewn things! Happy, happy SPRING!

Anonymous said...

R u taking orders? How much are you charging on ntop of materials?