Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chocolate PB Cake &
Grandma Jake's Cake Pan

My favorite cake pan... and that says alot since I am a cake decorator. This old Bundt pan belonged to my Dad's mother. Not exactly an heirloom or an antique, most likely purchased at GeeBee's or in a box of junk from one of the many auction sales that she and my Pappy Charlie liked to go to, don't get me started on the collection of mixers with no beaters that were only a quarter... ok... but no beaters???? The pan wasn't handed down to me, it came with the house along with so many other things of theirs that I won't part with, like the heavy chrome Sunbeam iron with the big black handle and cloth wrapped cord. It isn't teflon coated and you don't even have to put any elbow grease into your ironing, just eat your Wheaties so you have the strength to lift the darn thing. Anywho... there it is in it's bright orange late 70's early 80's glory... paint chipping off, but still well used and well loved...

How about that for a good looking cake? A rich moist double chocolate cake with homemade peanutbutter frosting.... Served best with a big old glass of COLD milk.... MMMMMM!!!

Any unusual "heirlooms" in your life? I have some others that I am sure I will share at some point!

Take care and be blessed!


Anonymous said...

I loved reading that! My dad loves to collect things from auctions too. He buys old keys and stoves. Yes, stoves. It is crazy. None of them work and he's always fiddling with them taking parts from one to the other. Their garage probably has about 3 or 4 stoves right now. My mom made him get rid of some but I'm sure he'll find more somewhere along the way. I bet that makes the mixers seem much better (definitely for storage reasons!). As far as an "unusual heirloom" ...I really cherish my dad's lunch pail from when he was in the mine. It was his father's lunch pail too. It is metal, full of holes and dents and still has coal dirt that will not come off. I absolutely love it. It has a special place in my home and in my heart. My dad always worked so hard to make sure we had anything we needed. It is wonderful to have those types of heirlooms!
PS - That cake sure looks good!
Barb M.

Amy said...

Hey cuz, I think at my Dad's there is the twin to that pan. I think it is either olive green or golden rod yellow. LOL. We have had our share of great cakes from these pans though. Take care.

Anonymous said...

what a scrumptious looking cake---i noticed a few pieces missing, too!! Actually, my house is full of heirlooms: my grandfather's rocking chair from the old farm, my other grandfather's lunch pail (from the mines), my mom and dad's very first bedroom suite, my great-aunt's washstand, the fork that my grandmother always tested the meat with, etc., etc., etc. i won't bore you any more but these things are so precious to me. i also have my favorite cakepan from long long ago when we were first married (in fact, it is the ONLY cakepan i own!) antiques......i love 'em!!! talk later, Sharon