Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What's old is new again!

I really enjoy some of the older scrapbooking techniques and I find myself frequently going back to my old stash of supplies and tools for inspiration. I have always loved the look of mosaics and I had the perfect picture from our trip to Sight and Sound back in January. That 30 foot Christmas tree was so impressive with nearly 100 angels decorating it. It was the perfect photo to cut into 1 inch squares and tile out into a mosaic!
I made a neat little guide from 3 strips of paper to help with the placement of the squares. I love to find ways to make scrapbooking less complicated! We had a great time in class and everyone had the neatest photographs for their mosaics. Any tried and true favorite tools/techniques that you love and go back to time and time again? 'fess up, I wanna know!


Anonymous said...

That is really pretty. I've never tried that technique. You'll have to teach me one day. I don't know that there are any old techniques I go back to. I don't even think I have Techniques :-)
I'm a sad scrapper.
Barb M.

Anonymous said...

OK I'm changing my mind already. I love to do paper tearing on my pages. When I'm stumped for a layout idea - I start tearing the paper. I tend to do that on most of my pages :-)

Anonymous said...

i love that photo the way it is done. maybe someday you can teach Barb and me. i still like to chalk on my pages and also do the spirelli technique. and ribbon......yes, i love to use ribbon, too!!