Friday, April 06, 2007

Smells like Apple Pie in here thanks to Deanna and Lynleigh! They gave me this YUMMY smelling candle for my birthday. I lit it up as soon as we got home from the Taste of Home cooking school demo the other night. (Which by the way was AWESOME! I'll post more about that later!) This candle also coordinates with my Americana candle shade perfectly as well!

I just love candles that make the house smell like I have been baking all day instead of hanging out at my scrap desk. (Ha! Ha! fooled my husband again...) Some of my most favorites are banana nut bread, hazelnut cream, gingersnap, spiced cider, just to name a few.... I have lots of great candles to burn and am always buying new fragrances when we are at craft shows and shops. What is your favorite candle or aroma scent?


Anonymous said...

i envy you being able to burn scented candles........i love them, too, but allergies......some of my favorite scents, though, are apple with cinnamon and spices, bayberry, and any others that smell "homelike and cozy!" so burn a few extra for me and send the smell my way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy
I can almost smell that candle now! I love candles too but ever since my cat's tail caught fire (uh..twice) I have to put them in those electric candle warmers. Poor Winnie Cooper - tail-less wonder.
My favorites are those that are cinnamon or clove in nature.
Barb M.