Friday, August 24, 2007

Yummy Christmas Recipes!

This is also one of my card club's projects, a recipe tag swap, Christmas theme. I am having such good time making these little tags that I find it hard to stop! I already have my next 2 done and I am starting on a third one. ( I am not even sure that we are to be making that many, but I just can't stop myself!) I love the size, although it is rather small, so that makes it a challenge. I also decided for myself when we started this swap that I would not purchase anything new to complete the tags. I have come to the realization that I could likely scrapbook and card craft for the rest of my life and not need to buy anything but adhesives and albums/pages. It has been so much fun going through my stash and using it up! I have come across so many cute things that I forgot I had. I have also really been getting some mileage out of my collection of Christmas theme rubber stamps. I wish I could accurately describe the good feeling I have been having working on my cute little tags! Listen up card club gals, I hope we are planning to do another one of these in a different theme after Christmas!
Travis is going back to Pittsburgh tonight and I have to tell you that it is hard to see him go. I loved having him here for the summer and he had a great time here. He would like to stay and try school here and we would love to have him full time. My heart is a bit heavy over his leaving. I really get a kick out of some of the things he comes up with and he often gives me a new perspective. He is a whiz kid with motors, switches, and making gadget out of his toys. Thankfully I have gotten over the feeling that he is destroying his "good" toys by harvesting parts from them to build his newest invention. I have a regular remote control car graveyard here. I also have a collection of really bizarre gadgets courtesy of T's chop-shop. I think his Dad is going to miss him a great deal as well, but he will cope by going on a search and recovery mission for his kidnapped tools!
Take care!


Babs said...

I'm so glad you are liking the tag swap! I like it too! I'm looking forward to getting the other tags. I was thinking we should talk about making 2 for each swap! Not sure how the other gals would like that but I know I'm game! I like your idea of using what you have. I have thought about that also with my Holiday papers (halloween and Christmas). I do love collecting it though!
Sorry the little guy is going back...that's a bummer. Kids are challenging but they sure are fun! Hopefully things will work out and he can be with you guys more often.

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry that Trav has to go back. i know that you were hoping for the school year. well, next year he will be older and maybe can make the decision himself. he is such a good kid!
i love the idea of the recipe tag swap!!!why can't we do things like that at the store?????????? :(
later.................BS2 ( i just can't seem to get one up on the old BS1 blogger!!!!......she always get to write first!!!!)