Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post #101!
It hardly seems like I have done this 100 times! I just am so hooked on it though! Mostly I love coming home and checking to see the comments, so keep them coming! LOL!
I wanted to share some stuff from my card club with you all today. We meet once a month to make cards and have lunch and visit. It is sooooo much fun and I just love all the great ideas that I get from the gals! We do a $5 scrap/card related gift exchange and someone teaches a make and take. The hostess is in charge of bringing dessert. ( Dark chocolate pudding cake with peanutbutter frosting anyone?)

How about these neat fall theme stamps and accessories! They were my exchange gift from the last card club meeting. (Thanks Connie!) I am working on some cards using them!
This was our make and take project. BS#1 showed us how to make this cute little tote from a sheet of 8.5 x 11 cardstock. Super simple and you can make it to coordinate with absolutely anything! This is one of those projects that I am sure to make many many times! Thanks Barb!

Can I just say that I may be in the minority, but I have actually enjoyed the past couple days of rainy weather. It has been pretty awful for the Somerset County Fair to have this weather, but I am loving it. Rainy days are my favorite scrapping days. No need to make excuses to be inside. No guilt about not being outside when it is beautiful.
Just to answer some questions from yesterday's post... The flowers were silk. Purchased at the WOW outlet in Greensburg I think. I mostly use silk flowers on my cakes now. Icing flowers take too much time to make, are too fragile and you can't eat them anyway. (They taste like dirt, and trust me I know what dirt tastes like... there's a title for a blog.... "Confessions of a Former Dirt Eater")
Alrighty... off to Wal-mart for me! I'll be back to check for comments later! Take care!


Anonymous said...

your card club sounds like soooo much fun!! and i love that little tote.....maybe a makentake somewhere???? i know what you mean about having no guilt when it rains cause then you can stay in and scrap; just like in the winter, with all the snow and cold. being locked in my scrap room is just loverly!!BS2

Babs said...

I am famous on the EB blog! Woo Hoo! I am glad BS2 liked it also...and hey although you are a better teacher than I am -if you want me to do a make and take at your crop with it I'd love to! :-)
I am enjoying the rain too but can only handle 3 days max. I am glad my grass is green again and not BROWN! However....if it never snows again I'll be happy! I heard they had to evacuate (or whatever) a few nights at the fair b/c of rain - that is sad. On another sad note - everyone say a prayer for the folks at Laurel View Village. My heart aches for them.

Babs said...

PS - Congrats on surpassing the 100 posts!

Anonymous said...

You sure made that $5.00 gift look nice in your picture. I'm sure you'll have something beautiful (made from those items) to show at our next meeting! Can I be BS3???