Friday, August 03, 2007

I hate the first five days of the month!
My place of employment turns into an absolute zoo!
The following are fantasies of what Iwould REALLY like to say instead of smiling and being nice! No need to comment, just venting a little.
For the record... I cannot cash your paycheck if you do not have proof of identity, no your Social Security card is not a PHOTO ID, neither is a credit card, library card, or a photograph of your family. I also cannot cash your check if it is dated for tomorrow, come see me tomorow and we can talk!
I do not know why your EBT card is not working, this is the Curse at Me Desk, call the place that issued the card to you I am sure they can help you.
We have a 90 day return policy, last time I checked, Christmas was still in December...well past 90 days for returning your doggies Santa suit. Who is next in line???
I cannot call the fire department or the police because you locked your keys in your car. They do not do that. You can call AAA if you are a member or a locksmith or towing service if you like. Heck, I can even let you call someone to bring you the spare set, or a taxi to take you home. Would you like to to look at the bus schedule? Nope, sorry the guys in our garage are not permitted to try to open your car. (We have paid too many times for damaging vehicles, so we don't do that anymore.) So here is the number for a locksmith, you decide.... Have a nice day.
There is so much more on my mind that happpened the past few days, not much of it kind or PC, so I will just keep it to myself. That being said... next year I will get four weeks of vacation time and I am stockpiling my personal days.... I know there is a way that I can stretch them out so that I don't have to be here at the beginning of the month..... HMMMMM, sounds like a plan to me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Missy!
Your blog just kills me today :-)
Sorry your week stinks - hugs!
Tina of the "Bedford Girls"

Anonymous said...

isn't the public something else?? makes us more aware of how NOT to be when we go shopping!! how long till retirement?? :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Crack me up!!!! Hey can you return things from Target? HA - kidding! Oh I remember those days of working with the public. When I worked at Ormond I wanted to strangle people with the jeans they were trying on. They used to stick me in the fitting room b/c I was so nasty to people. Oh well! Hope your week gets better!