Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flowers and a Cake~~~ Hawaiian Style
Congratulations April and Drew!

The bride's bouquet above. Her colors were fuchsia and orange and her favorite flower is the hibiscus. Below are the bridesmaids bouquets. I just love the VIBRANT colors she chose! I have to admit that the flowers were quite a challenge for me. I am just glad that they were pleased with them!
The cake , some traditional white and also some of a family favorite, burnt sugar. Decorated with white chocolate seashells and brown sugar sand. There are few feelings better than cutting that last slice of wedding cake. It feels like the entire weight of the whole cake that has been sitting on your shoulders since you set it up that morning has been lifted away. It is kind of like you set the cake up and then hold your breath until it is cut. That first breath is the best feeling. Also wanted to thank the happy couple for NOT smashing the cake, I was so proud of them! They were being encouraged to do it and they kept their promise not to and that means quite a lot to me.
So, after the wedding it was off to Kenny's boss's annual picnic. What a fun time! We stayed up wayyyyyy to late. Like I mentioned before... I had considered not even getting out of bed on Sunday. I did sleep until a little bit after noon. Took a super long shower and just lounged around the house in my comfy plaid shorts and a well worn Dr. Suess t-shirt. Watched some TV and cat napped in the recliner! I feel quite refreshed!


Babs said...

The cake and flowers are gorgeous! Are those real flowers??? I don't like burnt sugar but that cake looks YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

what beautiful bouqets! you remind me of one of my old bosses, Sharon; she could do anything that she set her mind to!! and she did a beautiful job on everything. i have done a few flower arrangements in my time, but never tackled wedding flowers. what a great job! later.............BS2