Saturday, August 04, 2007

Holy Windmills!

This is one of the three windmills that are standing right now on the Ridge Road heading toward Route 30. I have seen other ones up close, but I guess you forget exactly how massive they really are. When you are driving toward themand get the first glimpse of the three of them it is kind of jaw dropping, stop you in your tracks, make you stand there an wonder how on earth do they get them to stay standing. Just to give you an idea how big they are.... that little person in the left corner of the above picture is Travis. He is almost 5 feet tall and standing at the base of one of the windmill posts. The shot below is a closer picture of the blades all harnessed up and ready to be lifted to the post.
There is plenty of controversy surrounding these windmills. I don't know exactly were my opinion stands. I think with all things there is some truth to what both sides have to say, and that you can make statistics read any way that you want to manipulate them. One of the most interesting things is how some people think that they are the magestic and beautiful and another will think they are an ugly eyesore. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all.
Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

i don't know where i stand on the issue, either, but i do know that they take your breath away when you see them! i have some pictures of them from our Texas trip; will show them to you soon. they stretched for miles out there, one right after the other. what a sight!!

Anonymous said...

We can see these from our house. I'm told there will be 15 in all - at least that is what our neighbor told Dave. Personally, I like the old-fashioned windmills. Those I don't mind. It is not that I mind these but I do think they could be more appealling to they eye. They are amazing though. My uncle has one on his farm. He was the first in Cambria/Somerset county to have one of these on his personal property. He has heard a lot of negative things from people about it - they hate it. I am all for natural energy so I don't mind that part of them - just wish they were a bit prettier. HA! My husband makes fun of me that I say they should be "prettier" he says "What are you going to ALTER them?" Get it- he's digging on my scrapping! They sure are an amazing sight though. However having said that, I will not like seeing 15 of them when I look over the corn-field. OK - I'm going on and on! (And I'm staring at them from my window as I type this!) :-)

Dee said...

Hey girl, thanks for the up close and personal view of the windmills I been hearing about. I heard the electricity from them is going to W Va. Soooooooo I am not sure what to think about that one.