Monday, August 13, 2007

I will *ALMOST* be glad to go back to work tomorrow... LOL... Not not REALLY!

Seriously, it was a pretty busy weekend... Friday we spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon making pot pie. Ham pot pie and Chicken pot pie, about 50 quarts of it. Which is really just a warm up for Labor Day weekend when we make over 100 quarts for the Fall Harvest Gospel Music Festival at Camp Harmony. Friday's pot pie was for my church for a fundraising effort.

Even though it is so much work to make, I love doing it. There is something quite relaxing about running the flour and shortening through your hands until you can feel that it is combined just right. Working the water into the dry ingredients until the dough is mixed but not working it too much because you don't want it to be tough. Rolling the dough.... Cutting through it with the pizza cutter (not quite how Grandma Jake did it... but hey you know us kids and our new fangled gadgets!)
and here is the secret... don't be afraid of the flour.... flour is your friend.... be generous with it when you are rolling that dough out and I promise you that your pot pie will have the best gravy in the world just from the flour that cooks off of the dough squares!


It was quite a busy weekend... two birthday cakes decorated one for an 8 year old boy and one for an 80 year old lady. Worked at the PAC concession stand on Saturday evening. They put on an amazing production of the Music Man.
Dropped Travis off at Camp this evening. I am praying for some good weather for them. I hope that they get to watch the stars a little bit tonight. I hope that they got to see some of the meteor shower. I just love to watch the "shooting stars."
More blogging to come this week. I have lots of pictures loaded up!


Anonymous said...

ooohhhhhhh! that potpie sure looks good! haven't had it in ages.....not since my aunts passed on. they used to have an assembly line and everyone had their own job to do and at the end....who-la!!! best-tasting potpie ever! i know you had a busy weekend, and it sounds as if you got through it just fine! we had a wedding on Sat. to go to, and had some good friends come to visit on Sunday, so we had a nice weekend and now it is "back to the old grind"!LOL talk later....BS#2