Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Honey!

(You are sooooo lucky I love you! The story of the cake...)
So I get up yesterday morning to work on food for my DH's birthday. We had a few of his fireman buddies over and our nice neighbors and my family last evening for a little food and a redneck bonfire. Top of the list for his birthday food was the THE CAKE. (You all know THE CAKE, the Old Fashioned Apple Stack Cake... what i refer to as the PITA cake.) Soooooo I get out the mixer, but before I can get to mixing I have to get to sifting.... the dry ingredients need sifted not once, not twice, but THREE times.

So while all that sifting is going on, I get the apple filling started on the stove top. (Yes, I cheated.... I used premade applesauce instead of peeling, chopping and cooking down fresh apples... turn me into the Gourmet Police!) So, sift, sift, sift... cooking on the stovetop, and oh yeah... the oven preheating to 400 degrees. Mix up the batter.... Remembering that I love my DH and this is really the only thing that he asked to have for his birthday....

Another shortcut, I used disposable pans. Hey, this cake is 10 layers, sue me! (I threw them away after I was done with them too!) So bake 10 layers, 3 at a time, stacking them with apple filling in between. By now it is a little later in the morning and the temp and humidity are rising, and having the oven on at that high temp for that long has turned my house into an oven all its own. Ten layers later the below pictured cake is all done, my house is still about 120 degrees, and this cake is NOT VERY PRETTY. (The cake decorator in me really can't stand that!)All that aside, this is only the third time in 8 years that I have made this cake. My DH has fond memories of this cake and his Papaw Frank and that is why he likes it so much. I would make the cake again, but please only in the dead of winter! This is the first time that I actually hit the 10 layer mark. We had it for dessert tonight. I made something else for the picnic dessert, I will share it with you later.

Happy Birthday Honey, I Love You!


Anonymous said...

i'm sure you put a lot of love into that cake since you had to do it on such a hot day! and i'm sure that your DH really appreciated it, too! it looks really good and tasty, but i'm not sure i would have the patience to make one! Kudos to you!!............BS2

Babs said...

That cake looks YUUUUMMMMMYY!