Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It is beginning to be my time of year!
School is back in session, Friday night football games, Crisp cool evening air.
YES! I love Autumn! ( I don't think that you are supposed to capitalize it, but I think it deserves a capital "A"!)

I am anxious for apples to be available fresh from the orchard! Apple pie, apple dumplings, apple butter! Carving pumpkins, scarecrows, and hardy mums. Piles of leaves, beautiful scenic drives, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
Check out the beautiful placemats I picked up at my place of employment. Won't they make the cutest purses for me to accessorize with while I am doing all my wonderful Autumn activities. (Just $2.88 each, still looking for some ribbon to coordinate for the handles.)
I think that I may be a bit delusional...Just two more 9 hour stints at Wally-world before I have an 11 day vacation. Not going anywhere in particular, just NOT GOING TO WAL-MART! Yeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh!!!!
Take care!


Babs said...

First - woo hoo on the vaca! Good for you! Enjoy it!
Second - I love Fall too. Only thing I hate about it is that Winter follows! :-)
Third - Love those placemats - can't wait to see the purse you make! Please share!
Enjoy your time off and I expect to see some serious blogging during that time as well :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the clocks you make. Can you tell me what type of clock you purchase and where you get them?