Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Southern Fried Chicks, Free Font...
If you need to just crack up laughing let me recommend the Southern Fried Chicks to you! I have watched them three times on CMT and am still laughing til I get teary eyed. My guys even love them! Think of what the Blue Collar Comedy guys would be if they were women and you will get the idea! Set your VCR to tape them and watch it when you need a little pick me up!
Travis and I have also been watching Burn Notice on USA network on Thursday evenings. Kind of a fun show, he is almost McGuyver like in how he fashions all these neat gadgets out of wire, cell phones, duct tape....right up Travis' alley! The main character, played by Jeffrey Donovan, is pretty easy on the eyes as well....that is the part that I like! LOL!
I am not a total TV addicted couch potato this summer, just a few select shows.
I got this free font download in my mailbox yesterday. It is from Creating Keepsakes magazine and is a Becky Higgins font. If you are a font junkie like me I hope you enjoy it!
My parting words today are... I have been working at the cookbook, to be completed by Friday. I will for sure post pics when it is done. Looking for some one willing to go see Hairspray with me at the movies. (My guys will have no part of it! LOL!) Lastly, I got my fall/winter Stampin' Up catalog and WOW is it great!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the font info! I love fonts too but have the worst time downloading them. I am so bad with computers.
I'll go see Hairspray with you! I'd love to see it! Love John Travolta - dress or not!!!
And LOVE LOVE LOVE Burn Notice too! You are right - he's not so bad on the eyes!
I love the catty too - I just placed an order and cannot wait to get it! The papers are so pretty in that catty. Wait until you see the mini fall/winter one. WOW! And all of the stamps in it are already cut out!
Glad you are back to blogging. I was going to have to send you some hate mail! :-) only kidding!