Friday, August 03, 2007

Some Random Friday Thoughts

I was Susie Homemaker today... made Pan Fried Pork Chops, REAL Mashed Taters and Gravy and Sweet Corn for dinner.... gonna bake a little something later tonight too. I have a massive zucchini that our neighbor gave us, so if you have any good zucchini recipes send 'em my way!


We are going to take a drive up over the hill tonight to see how the windmills are coming along. We are getting some about a mile and a half up over the hill from our house. I think that it is a great place for them, I know that it is darn windy up on that ridge in the winter time when the snow is drifting all across the road. I will take the camera and see if I can get some good pictures of them. Everyone says that they are absolutely massive. We did see some close up in Somerset a year or so ago. There is one that you can drive right up to and it has a geocache nearby.


Are you Pennsylvania Proud? Pay attention in Civics class or American History?

This came to me from my friend Peggy. I was actually quite surprised at how many I got right!

Let me know how you did!
Tomorrow is my family reunion. The Shroyer Family, my paternal grandmother's family. Should be lots of good food, some kids games, bingo, visiting.... all that good stuff. It is kind of strange though, I am not entirely sure how all of them are related.


Anonymous said...

Aub and i took the Pa. quiz and we missed 3.....pretty good for us, since some of them we never heard about before! did that come from "our" Peggy from the store? enjoy your is short!!