Thursday, May 10, 2007


There are many things that I love, butterflies included. I must have nearly a dozen butterfly stamps and dies. All sizes, round curvey ones and ones with pointed wings. Ones with lots of spots and some with none at all. This particular one is an Autumn leaves/Rhonna Farrer stamp. (Purchased as a single for $1 at JoAnn's, wish they would get more of them instock!) The inside sentiment of this humble card is from a CTMH set and it goes like this~
I'm wishing you sunshine and smiles to brighten your day!
I like to keep a stash of cards for all occasions, some fancy, some more everyday like these. When I get scrappers block, I turn to cards. There is something more relaxing about cards. No pictures, no big story to tell, you can make more than one that looks the same. Comfort in the small things I guess.
I am still working at the big re-do of my scrappin space. Trying to sort through and purge some old stuff and reorganize the rest. I am making progress, ever so slowly. So here is todays survey question... What are your favorite "themes" that you accumulate scrapping stuff? Butterflies are one of mine, so is purple stuff, can't stop buying the purple stuff! I know that my BS#2 is on vacation visiting her son, so she will have some catching up to do when she gets home!
How is this for something to ponder a bit...
If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want.
~Oscar Wilde


Anonymous said...

Hey Missy!
My husband would say I accumulate everything but I think some of the things I love to stock up on are Soccer theme, horse theme and now - Dog Theme. Also, I buy way too much BLUE paper. I bet if I counted my 8.5 x 11 there would be 3,000 sheets. What is my problem! I buy it and don't want to use it b/c it is so pretty! I love blue!
BS#1 - yeah that's right - #1!!

Jody said...

Hi Chicksa,
I don't want you to forget about the two paper racks I have for you. I would love to get together for lunch soon so I can give them to you. I think they will go a long way to helping you organize. Call when you can on my cell. I am SICK AS A DOG and spending the weekend either in my scrap room or in bed. Call anytime cause Jeff and Jess are gone till tomorrow. What a great Mother's day present, no one to take care of but me!
Love ya,