Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Quiet Here....
Travis went home on Monday, it's been quiet here. He won't be up this weekend, since after this week he will be here for the whole summer. I love it when he is here, the house is always a mess and there is always a ton of laundry to do, shoes to find, and a bike on the sidewalk.
He decided that this summer he and my nephew Mark would go to Canoe camp at Camp Harmony. That should be quite fun! I imagine packing his things in nice little ziploc bags and I figure half will come home in those same bags unworn and the rest of his clothes will not be fit for anything but the trash can. LOL!! All in the name of fun! Hopefully this year his glasses won't be at the bottom of the dam, like they did last year. He is sooooo hard on glasses, about 2 pairs a year since he got his first pair.
Nothing much else going on here. I have stopped the reorganization of my scrap space, since I am working on a special secret project at the moment and need to be able to work at my desk. I also halted the process until I get my paper racks from my Chicksa. I am not sure how I am going to use them yet, so I have to wait until I get them.
Looking forward to a little scrapbook field trip in about a week as well! I can't wait to get together with the ladies again and also do a little retail therapy!
Take care my friends!


Anonymous said...

boys can be a lot of fun, can't they? jeremy was always breaking his glasses, too, and was very hard on sneakers! now he is all grown up and is still hard on shoes! am looking forward to the field trip!!!!! later, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I hate secrets! Tell us! I hope to be on the trip too...have to see if I can find someone to get the girls to and from Basketball camp. Wish I knew what it was like to have boys b/c girls are ROUGH! DRAMA DRAMA this point I'd settle for a few frogs in the pockets, dirt, mud, cars, trucks, etc.
BS #1