Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What a crazy busy weekend!
I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a pretty busy one! We got to pick Travis up early, so I got him on Thursday evening, instead of the usual Friday and because of the holiday he got to stay until Monday as well. It is always so nice to have that extra time with him. Hard to believe that in less than two weeks the school year will be over and he will be here for the summer!
Friday was cropping at my CMC's crop and we had a great time. I guess because of the holiday weekend there weren't as many in attendance, but that was ok with me! If you did not know it, I am not a fan of noise, crowds, and all that. My husband is in no way a homebody like me and it is funny sometimes, because he will suggest going somewhere and I will wrinkle my nose like a little kid about it. Compromise in all things. I do go sometimes, but I usually get my fill of it rather quickly.
Saturday was EMS stuff in town. They had the Med-Star helicopter from Conemaugh Hospital land at the ball field and let the kids check it all out and then they had hot dogs, chips and soda. We took Travis and my nephew Tyler(3) to see it. Travis was unimpressed, he has seen it before, and Tyler got all quiet and bashful. I did manage a few pictures though! I always like to see the helicopter, since I got to ride in it once! Thankfully it wasn't a life threatening thing and I am here to tell about it! In the afternoon, Ken and Travis went to pick up the bike that he won. That is a whole blog post of its own, with pictures that I will get to later this week. Needless to say, that was a huge hit with Trav. Saturday evening the EMS sponsored a rollerskating party for the community at the skating rink. They really do have alot of nice kids activities for EMS week in Hooversville.
Sunday Kenny power washed the porch and sidewalk, worked on the yard and I did some house work. We were going to have our first campfire of the year, however my brother beat us to it, so Kenny went to hang out at his fire pit.
Monday, Memorial Day there were parades and services that kids needed to be at, fire engines that went to three different ones as well. A visit to the cemetary. Travis wouldn't even get out of the car there. Then we picnicked at my Mom and Dad's place. Then on the road to take Travis home.
Hope you all had a great long weekend!