Monday, June 23, 2008

The work of more talented ladies is on display again today!
Lori made this pretty card. She made each of her cards unique, so if you don't have one like it in your collection that is because this one was made JUST FOR ME! (just kidding!) I just love the colors she used, the are so bright and cheerful and fresh! The inside says "Inspire" What a wonderful card to send someone who needs some encouragement!
I have to tell you that I am going to tear this card that Joyce made apart so that I can figure out how to make some more of them! I just love it! The inside is just a cool with this great sentiment...
In this greeting
there's a special wish for you,
A wish that this, your special day,
is happy through and through.
And as you read this message,
I hope you'll smile a bit,
and think of all the loving thoughts
that come along with it.
Happy Birthday!

The scan of this card just doesn't do it justice. This was one that the scanner got super weird on. Those larger posies are really a very deep rich orange color and so are some of the stripes. I am sorry Carolyn that it didn't scan true. I will be sending this one to a friend of mine this week! I have never used ric-rack on a card and I love the look. I have some in my stash and you inspired me to try it out!

Bible school started this evening and we have a record number of kids (which is absolutely fabulous!) Crafts were super crazy tonight! I will have to go buy some more supplies for crafts tomorrow! I have to remember to take my kitchen timer so that I can set it for each group so we have time to clean up and set for the next group!


More cards tomorrow!

Take care!