Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Since you all seem to love my observations about my customers, I thought I could start a weekly feature... I do need a catchy name for this feature, so leave a comment with your creative suggestion!
So for today we have the crazy parking lot lady...

Her complaint is that there is some guy (or woman, she is not really sure, heck it could have been those wild animals from that hybrid car commercial driving) out in the lot in a red car (that should be really easy to find?) who is committing the grave offense of waiting for someone else to back out of a parking space that he wants. Now of course this is happening in the middle of the day, quite a busy time. This offender has traffic backed up the entire way down the aisle, but quite honestly folks I am not so sure what I am supposed to do about this. Can someone please inform me of the newly passed law or rule that you are no longer permitted to wait to get a Sweet Parking Spot. I know that there must be one since the lady standing in front of me is just fuming mad about the whole situation. I guess I should add to my duties "traffic cop" and get out there in lot and start policing the situation, that is unless I can convince the powers that be that valet parking is a wonderful idea!

Have a lovely day!

Take care!


CB from BG said...

I think valet parking is a great idea - lol!!!
For your customer feature - how about:
"WWW" - Weekly Wal-Mart Wacko!

Babs said...

CB and I were thinking alike b/c I was going to say WWW (Wacky Wally World) I like hers!
Come on Missy - can you wait for me at the door and park my car? And could you push my cart around? Or how about I give you my list and you can just shop for me. Come on...all the cool customer service reps are doing it.

Mrs.Conn2 said...

hmmm a catchy name...Walmart Woes...since it's the woes of your job! :)