Saturday, December 01, 2007

First Day of Deer... Holiday or not?

If you are from western PA it most certainly is a holiday. LOL! Schools are closed and my DH is actually getting "holiday" pay for Sunday and Monday. His place of business actually shuts down the first two days. It was miserable weather for the first day. DH called me, he was damp, chilly and hadn't seen a single deer. It is now Friday and still no deer. If we follow the pattern of the last several years he will shoot his deer hours before he is due back at work on the last day he is able to hunt. I sure do hope he gets one though!

My Gram is back at the nursing home, local. Now we wait for 6 weeks and see how she heals and if the infection gets better.


The plan for the weekend is to get some more Christmas shopping done. I hope to finish that all up so that next week I can decorate and the following week I can bake. That's the plan anyway... we will see how it goes!


I am off to a great start on the Christmas cards, been working on them faithfully on my lunch hour and making progress quite quickly! As usual they are not your "traditional" holiday colors, but I think they are cute!


I am working on big blog plans for January, something special for my friend Connie. I have been making some notes on ways to organize your scrapping and card making supplies and will be sharing them with you next month!
Take care!