Saturday, December 29, 2007

How was your Christmas?
Ours was fun and busy!! Can you believe that on Christmas Eve morning I had only made one sweet thing? I remedied that right away and seven batches of cookies later I was able to make a cookie tray to take to my cousin Red's house that evening.
Melanie and I made clockwise from the top.... Chocolate macaroons that the kids say look like cow patties. Red said if cow patties tasted that good he would be out picking them from the pasture. LOL! Next a double batch of Hershey Kiss Peanut Blossoms. It had to be a double batch because they were eating them as they were coming out of the oven.
Soft ginger cookies... all I can say is YUM, so good with coffee! Thankfully no crime had to be committed to get the recipe for the cookie that was on my mind for days and days! (Hiya sis, if you are reading! WiNK!)
Red's Ultimate M & M cookies, my nephew Mark's favorite cookie apparently. These were the first to be all gone and I got the last one! I like them because they are choc chip like, but more colorful! Next were Dark Chocolate drops with toffee bits, drizzled with white chocolate, a creation of my own.
Aunt Janet's Raisin Puffs, delicious and soft and soooo good! We also made Rolo Pretzels with regular M & M's on top. They are super simple to make and they taste great. Sweet, salty, caramely and they should have a nut ontop, but I don't like nuts, so none on mine! The bowl in the middle has People chow in it.
Not too bad for a rush job!
I had gifts to finish as well.... Hannah's Snowday Survival Hit... CASED the idea from MishMash. It is her cupcake kit PLUS a box of cocoa packets. I thought it was a cute idea for a snowday activity! I hope she liked it!

Next on the Christmas eve agenda at Santa's Sweatshop... Cookbooks... I had three to finish for that evening... Done... LOL! I think I even managed to match the covers to the recipients kitchen decor! Whew.... Melanie did the wrapping, I got a shower and off to Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion Service. Then to Red's house for presents and lots of food.


Oh, yes, and in the middle of all this we put the tree up too... that was fun, since the kids aren't always here to do that!

More next time, take care!