Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pretty Poinsettias

I made this card a while ago when I was on a watercolor pencil coloring kick. The stamped image is an older one and not my own. At the moment I can't recall the company. Directions for the card can be found in the archives at the Mish Mash blog. Be sure to stop over and check her blog out. She has some fantastic ideas for advent calendar projects and exchange gifts!
There is a little pocket in the flap of this card that would hold a gift card or maybe a crisp new $100 bill. (wink!)
Wallywork has been quite busy and I may have spoke a bit too soon about how nice people have been. The tide has turned and all I can say is...
Listen up people, it is not MY problem that YOU have WAITED until 2 weeks before CHRISTmas to get the (Insert the name of whatever it is that you are looking for here.) Maybe you should have picked it up when you decided that was the PERFECT and ONLY gift that you wanted for your (insert Mom, Dad, Kid, Mailman, Grandparent, Dogwalker, Hairdresser.)
Next year why don't you wait until CHRISTmas Eve and see how that works for ya!
Honestly, every day when I go to work I have my Christmas Spirit... I just don't know what happens to it after I get there!
Sing a Christmas Carol and drink some cocoa!
Take Care!