Monday, December 31, 2007

More Christmas

Our tree, artificial (less stress for me!) Pre-lit, 400 clear lights, slim line, LOVE IT! (Got it on clearance for like $11 a few years ago!) Lovingly decorated by the kiddos on Christmas Eve. Most of the ornaments on it belong to them. We have them choose an ornament each year that they will take with them when they are old enough... now old enough might be like 30 or 40... I get to decide that! LOL! Seriously, old enough that they are settled and will care for them and realize what they represent, the history and memories of their childhood. I have an idea for an ornament album swirling in my brain. I have taken pictures of the ornaments most years, just have to fill in the gaps.


When I was single and crazy I always had a HUGE live tree and it was mostly decorated with glass balls in shades of PURPLE, imagine that... a purple Christmas tree.

My kitchen table centerpiece. All Home Interiors products except for the quilted piece underneath. It is actually a wall hanging that we received as a wedding gift but it looks so good on the table that is were I use it. The candle hurricane has my *LAST* Cranberry Compote candle burning in it. I guess I will have to breakdown and try a new scent.


The Kiddos went home today. The house is quiet and a little more of a wreck than usual, but I am okay with that. It was wonderful to have them here. It is the first time they have ever been here for Christmas Eve and that was fun. I was never a big fan of traveling on Christmas Day and really what kid wants to open their gifts and then drive over two hours and leave all their new stuff, so we always just had "our" Christmas when we wanted to between the 25th and New Years.

Spending New Year's Eve with my cousin Amy and her girls. That means Chicken Cheese Ball! YUM!! It is a NYE tradition for us, just as much as pork and kraut! So in the morning I will "red up" the house and make my CCB and maybe some BBQ meatballs too.


Take Care! See you in 2008!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

loved all your Christmas blogging!! it sounded so much "funner" than ours! isn't it true that the kids make the holidays?? BS2

Babs said...

Your tree is beautiful!