Saturday, December 22, 2007

Greetings in my Mailbox!

Some beautiful homemade Christmas cards from my friends! I just love going to the mailbox this time of year... it is nice to get something in the mailbox besides bills and "pre-approved" junk!
Connie, Barb, Deanna & Sharon made these!


Santa's workshop has been busy in my house. I have eight cookbooks copied, cut, punched and ring bound. Now they need covers....Queen of the last minute here.
Tree is NOT up yet and the only sweet treat I have made is a batch of "People Chow" that I had to hide from DH or it would be gone by now. Thank heavens that tomorrow the kiddos arrive and Melanie will be a super big help with the baking, wrapping and decorating.
I did do the AWFUL job of cleaning the ceiling fan today and I pulled the sofa out and ran the sweeper behind there. I also made a super delicious pot of beef stew. I was really hungry for it and it made the house smell soooooo gooooooood! Also nice that once it was in the pot it didn't need a lot of attention, just the occasional stir as it simmered all afternoon.
My friend Connie has a Holiday Luncheon every year and I am ALWAYS working, but this year I got to attend! I was so much fun! The food was delish and the company was wonderful! Topping it all off was the cute little snowman earrings she made for each of us as favors. I have worn mine everyday and they make me smile and think of Connie every time they tickle my neck with their little green ribbon scarf. I wish I had a pic of them, but they are so tiny I can't get a good one! They are super cute!
Take care, hope nobody has to go to Wal-mart that place is a ZOO I bet!