Friday, December 07, 2007

Something Sweet from BS2!

I have been meaning to share this cute little tea bag holder card with you all for quite some time now. It was a gift from my friend Sharon (BS2) and since I have not made any of my own yet I am sharing hers with you. This is where all the cocoa packet mania in my life began. You can find tons of ideas for these cute little cards on the Splitcoast Stampers link over on the sidebar. Be careful though, very careful... as BS2 can attest... a little look can turn into 3 hours of gallery surfing in the blink of an eye!I know that everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas, at least that is what I am hoping since it has been so quiet around here lately.
If you are still reading and have an extra minute to spare... tell me
what is the BEST gift you have EVER received
and then
what is the BEST gift you have EVER given?
Keep Warm and Take Care... Have a cup of tea and think of me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Missy
Boy have I been quiet lately! My parties will soon be over and I'll be back to blog stalking! gift I ever got...well it has to be the "big jewel" rings Jesse gets me each year at the Santa shop at school. THey come in a wide variety of colors/shapes. THey are the gaudiest (sp) things you've ever seen. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! She buys me one every year and it is the look on her face when she gives it to me that makes me love them so much. I treasure them. I love them more than my engagement/wedding ring (sorry Diamond Dave). I wear them to church or once in a while to other places. Always get strange looks from people but I love them! gift I ever gave? That's tough. I don't know the answer to that. Well...have a good one!