Friday, December 14, 2007

I am one of "Mrs. R's Kids"
Probably one of hundreds, if not thousands she touched in her lifetime. Helen Russian, known as Mrs. R to her kids (band and guard kids, drum and bugle kids, kids who toured the court house or were interested in the history of the community where they grew up, kids who were interested in government and politics.) Mrs. R was a champion of her kids. Dedicated to them with her time and life experiences. Anyone who knew her, knew this... "Good, Better, Best, Never let it rest, Til your good is better and your Better is the Best"
I pray that if you have children they get to have someone in their life like Mrs. R. She was part Drill Sargent, part Cheerleader, tough as nails and gentle as a kitten. Never stopping until the job was done and done right. Honest, sincere and always full of energy, practically tireless. That woman never sat, and I think she marched everywhere she went with her head up and her shoulders back! She could out-do and outlast all of her kids. The person that you wanted on your side, cause if she went to bat for you, she was gonna hit it out of the park! Ready to work the hardest and ready celebrate the success. Remembering your name, and making you feel important. Building your confidence and challenging you to do what you thought was impossible. Spending time with the youth of the community is probably what kept her so young for so long.
Mrs. R has left a little of herself in all of her kids. Hopefully a legacy of doing your best, trying your hardest and being proud of your accomplishments that will be passed on to the next generation. Central City is a little sadder with her passing, but if we honor her memory by practicing what we learned from her imagine what can be done!
I typed this through tears in my eyes. I really thought today about the people who were defining forces in my life. Of the people who were not relatives, Mrs. R ranks in the top three. I know there is a special place in Heaven for one the of God's Best, I just hope HE can keep up with her!