Friday, November 23, 2007

$300 Later....

I need a nap! We were up and shopping at the crack of dawn today.... I got some pretty great deals on some things too! I was home before 10 AM and now I want a nap. Anyone else get some great deals out there this morning? I know Nicole did!
I got DH the one thing that he REALLY wanted and I could not resist giving it to him right away. He put it to good use right away, as he and my Mom are on their way to Pittsburgh. The surgeon wants to operate on my Gram right away.
BS1 gets the prize for the first Christmas card of the season...we got her card in the mail today! I have not even thought of a design for ours yet. Hopefully tomorrow while I am cropping at Berkey Church with my CMC Barb Shaffer I will get started on them.
The sweet little card above is a Make & Take by CTMH rep Jamee Boozer from the St. Andrews School crop that I attended a while back. He is really sweet and his little nose sparkles!
What is your favorite way to eat leftover turkey? Mine is kind of unusual... straight out of the fridge with ketchup on it. YUM!
Take care!


Dee said...

Sweet! I am sure Kenny will love it!

How is your gram doing? How is mom holding up? Sending prayers there way.

I woke up at 3:45 yesterday and went shopping myself. Well Joop & Bobbi too. Went to the Galeria and got what I wanted. Then came home and continued shopping online and got more deals.

Hope you had a good day at crop, I am still fighting my cough. Had a rough week alst week. See ya soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Christmas to open my cricut!!!! I ended up "selling" it to my mother in law so that she can give it to me for Christmas. She said I was hard to buy
Hope all is well.....