Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

A quick and easy dessert that seems like you slaved over it for hours!

Ice Cream Sandwiches (two boxes atleast)
The last time I made this I used Peanutbutter ICS and Vanilla ICS.

Your Favorite flavor Ice Cream (1/2 gallon) soften, so you can spread it on

*Your favorite Ice Cream Toppings

(Syrups and crunchie things like toffee, chocolate chips or sprinkles)


Cool Whip


Line your pan with a layer of ICS, cutting them to fit the size pan you are using.
Next drizzle with some syrups and sprinkle with some crunchies.
Then spread on a layer of ice cream.
More drizzles and crunchies
Another layer of ICS.
Top with cool whip and more drizzles and crunchies.
Freeze~overnight is best, but a few hours will do.
I like to use a big foil roasting pan with the clear dome lid for this. They are nice and deep and you can throw it away when you are done.
Just to give you an idea of the last time I made the dessert this is what I used.
Peanutbutter ICS
Chocolate Syrup & Toffee Bits
Chocolate Peanutbutter Ice Cream with Caramel Swirls
More Syrup and Bits
Vanilla ICS
Cool Whip
Chocolate Syrup and Toffee Bits
It was quite the hit for DH's birthday celebration! Try it if you need a Labor Day Picnic dessert!
Take Care!


Babs said...

I don't need a picnic to try this one! Any day is a good one!

Lizzy said...

Hi BS1! I could make this next time it is my turn to host the card club (unless you all still want "the cake", LOL!)