Saturday, September 08, 2007

What have I been up to???

This little project above was for my friend Nancy. It is a display of newpaper articles about a hospital teddy bear ministry that her daughter was involved in creating. Of course it was the perfect place to use some tear bears!
Yesterday and today I got to spend some time with my BS2. Most of my time was spent making "stampies." Stampies are made when you BUM someone else's stamp to make a bunch of stamped images that you can later use in your own projects. Kinda like when you go to a crop and make tons of stuff with the punches and die cut machines to use later. So, about 25 sheets of cardstock and a sore wrist from allllllll that stamping later I have a great big pile of stuff to keep me busy for a long long time. I LOVE IT!
I can't believe that tomorrow is my lastday of vacation.... at least I missed that first of the month madness at work...
Take Care


Babs said...

Love that stamping image exchange idea! We should do that! Your bear board looks great!

Anonymous said...

BS1 has a good idea! maybe we could get together with a few more "rejects" :D and do a stamp exchange. that would be great fun!!!!.......BS2