Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sooooooo...... I am on vacation this week, and I can't wait to play with some scrapping stuff!
We got these in at my store, they are the Rhonna Farrer FLOURISHES stamps by Autumn Leaves. They are on the same peg as the Swirls ones that I love so much. I guess the buyer can't tell a swirl from a flourish, go figure! Some days I look in our scrapping aisle and think that who ever buys some of that stuff has probably never scrapbooked a page, ever. Occasionally though, they get it right like these stamps! So I got them out of the package and I am ready to do some scrapping and cardmaking..... but there are dirty dishes and dirty laundry standing in my way... UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just to catch you up on the weekend... We went through 30 pounds of hot sausage, 3 cases of meatballs, 5+ cases of hotdogs, 10+ cases of hamburgers, 20 crates of bottled teas and milk, 10 cases bottled water, 5 canisters of fountain soda, Gallons and gallons of soup (homemade potato soup, vegetable soup, ham and bean, chicken noodle, chicken rice) 5+ cases of french fries, cases of perogis, hundreds of gobs (regular, peanutbutter filled, and pumpkin ones, too) I can't even tell you how many pies and cakes, salads and fruit salads we sold. Also125 chicken BBQ dinners and 120 quarts of ham pot pie.
This was the 22nd Fall Harvest Gospel Music Festival. I know it is cliche' to say that it was the best one, but I do have to say that it really was a smooth one. We had a great group of people who worked together and really hustled to make the weekend go smoothly. I did not get to take in much of the music, but it was nice to visit with our "festival family" and get caught up with each other, like we do every year. My DH is one of the guys who handles paking and traffic flow and he even had a smoooth weekend. He likes that job, gets to visit with the groups that are there and is Mr. Social. They all know him and I get to be Mrs. Kenny which is a change for him now, since before it seemed like he was Mr. Liz.... if you know what I mean. He moved here and started over making freinds when we started our relationship. He had some HUGE shoes to fill when Harry asked him to do the parking for the festival. The man that did it before passed away a few years ago and he had been doing it for so very long that it all was really second nature to him. The first year for Kenny to take over was pretty rough, but now the groups know him and love him too!
Alright, enough said... thanks BS2 and Albert for coming to to the festival! I am glad you made it! Take care... I hear dirty dishes calling my name!


Anonymous said...

we enjoyed the festival tremendously!! had been over 8 years since we were able to go. we have always enjoyed gospel sings.....we grew up on them! have seen some great groups in our time, but sorry to say, a lot of the good oldtimers are gone now. but it was so relaxing and STRESS-FREE to be able to sit there and really concentrate on the words of the songs. they mean so much more now that Mom and Dad are both gone. i don't mean to get maudlin.....and by the way, the potpie was delish!!.....BS2 and A.

Babs said...

I'm so glad your festival went well! I should've stopped by considering it was practically in my back yard! Can't wait to see your blogs while on VACA! Enjoy your time off!