Thursday, September 20, 2007

It feels like kindergarten!

I have been coloring my stampies with my watercolor pencils and blending them with an aqua-painter and I am quite pleased with the results! Just trying to get some things started for Autumn/Thanksgiving theme cards.

I am getting lots of response about the crop and that has made me a VERY HAPPY gal! I think we will have a pretty big crowd again this time. I am just thrilled that we are growing each time!
I am thinking that next year at the Heritage festival I am going to sell handcrafted greeting cards as well as having a make & take table. The money raised at the festival goes to Camp Harmony and the Western PA District Church of the Brethren. The committee has been looking for new fresh ideas for booths and I think that this one may be a winner. That said, I am calling upon you, my crafty creative friends! Next time you are crafting a card consider using your scraps to make an "extra" and send it my way for the sale table.


Work (my paying job) has been quite the chore lately. I am usually good for a while after having some time off, but not so much this time. My frustration with rude people overwhelms me at times. Is it that much trouble to not answer your phone while I am waiting on you? I don't answer my (business) phone while I am waiting on you. I wait until I have finished and then answer it, and pray the person on the other end is not going to rip my head off because they had to wait because it took me longer to wait on you because my mother taught me to NOT interrupt someone who is speaking. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!


Friday I am helping with the concession stand at the football game. My Mom is one of the people in charge of it. It is Senior Night and they are expecting a pretty big crowd. I am working the "auxiliary soda and chips only" tent. Kinda like the "express" lane! LOL! My Mama told them what my real job is and they apparently think I am well qualified!


I am seeking some opinions on the following quote. I really feel strongly about it because of what I see at work (the shoplifting, fraudulent returns, etc.) I think that dishonest people think that because it is such a big company that they are not hurting anyone by their dishonest actions.

"Character is doing the right thing when no body's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught."
I want Travis to have character. It should be as easy as do as I do, but geez, we live in a pretty corrupt world sometimes. I wonder if that is enough. How do we instill in the next generation character, integrity, honesty... Let me have it, tell me what you think.
If the tone was at times heavy today, I apologize. Take care, brighter and better days ahead!


Babs said...

Great quote! Unfortunately there are more dishonest people in the world than honest ones. Sad to say. As for me, I also agree about the phone comment. I personally hate it when I have called someone and they put me on hold b/c of call waiting. I don't know why but that bothers me. I usually hang up. I hate it too when people abuse that cell phone and take calls when you are meeting with them, etc. Turn it off!!!!!!!!!!! If I am taking the time to talk to you then I want your un-divided attention! That's just how I feel. I think people are rude when it comes to cell phone usage and call waiting. Try not to let those customers get you down! Go stand in the scrapbook aisle when they bother you - just inhale the scrapping and stamping scents and you'll feel better! :-)

Anonymous said...

there is great truth in that quote! it is really quite hard to instill character in kids today. i think you are doing a great job with Travis, so just continue! the cell phone me they are very irritating, or is it the people that are so??? 99 o/o of cell phone users i see are totally rude and crude and always talk loud so that the next person can hear the whole conversation!!! how did we ever get groceries without a cell phone?? i can't imagine haveing to call home to see what kind of milk to get or whatever! BS1 has a good idea.......stand in the scrapbook aisle a while!.........later.....BS2