Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The New CM Paisley Punch!
(Isn't it cool!)

I am really enjoying this new toy! First, I have to point out that it comes in my most favorite color of all time.. PURPLE! The other feature I like is that CM switched to a lever style punch!It is also quite versatile. I will say though that I do not recommend using it in the upside down position as it tends to eat the punchies. I used it with my paisley stamp (Art Gone Wild) and I have some cute CM bandana print paper for matting the photos that are going on this page.
You can also make pretty fun candles for a birthday layout. (Thanks Jean H!)
This is probably my most favorite though, great big bright posies! How FUN are they?
(Thanks Cindi H!)
I have a few other ideas in my head too...think rain drops or water splashes.
I am watching the Drum Corp International competition on ESPN at the moment. Here is an interesting tidbit for those of you who did not know me in school. I was in our marching band colorguard and indoor guard as well .... what memories.
Just for the record, I don't think I am going to get much accomplished this vacation...LOL!
Take Care!


Babs said...

Oooo Oooo Ooooo...I just bought that last Friday! I am so glad you gave me some more ideas! I love it to!

Anonymous said...

love those flowers!! it is definitely a punch that i must have! i hope Barb has a lot of them in stock!.......BS2

Kim Budash said...

Hi Missy:

Finally got to your "blog" at home and now I saved it in favorites, so I should be able to look from here often. Love that new punch, although I looked on the CM website and didn't see it. Is it for sale or is it a premium?