Sunday, September 23, 2007

Craziness, I tell ya!
How about that old saying, when it rains it pours. Today while my Mom and nephew Tyler were visiting my Gram in the hospital Tyler had a seizure. They ran some tests on him and admitted him, I guess we will know more tomorrow. So while you are saying your prayers say a few for the little guy.
Not much scrapping going on here. I was a pretty lazy couch tater the past few days. I do have a couple of cocoa mix cans sitting on my desk that I am wanting to alter. Been giving some thought to what I am going to take to the St. Andrews crop. I can't believe I am going to have that much uninterrupted scrapping time! WOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!!!
Also wanted to say hey a couple more self proclaimed blog-stalkers.... Hey BS #3, Leonore from Hawaii and BS #4 Nicole from right here in PA! Thanks for hanging out and reading my thoughts, confessions and dork moments.
Speaking of dork moments.... last evening while preparing Shrimp Alfredo for my DH boy did I have a DM. I was pressing some fresh garlic into the pan for my sauce when a particularly juicy clove of garlic squirted out of the back of the garlic press and there I stood with garlic juice and bits all over my hair, face, arms and shirt. In case you weren't wise to the fact, garlic juice BURNS! I washed my face more than once and I was still feeling it. I took a shower and could still smell the garlic on me. Only me, gals, only me!
One last bit of dorkiness and I will be done for the night. On Friday after the football game I went back to my cousin Amy's house for a little glass of wine....and that was all it took! One little glass and I could not talk straight. So let me just tell Amy and Annette that I made myself some CANPAKES for breakfast today and they were good! LOL!!!
Take Care!


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about your nephew - any updates?
I am bummed cause I can't make your crop in November - I have to work :-(
But I think the rest of our group is coming!
Take care!
Tina of Bedford Girls