Friday, November 21, 2008

A Few More Fall Cards for the next few days....

because once I have these all posted to the blog I am going to surrender to the snow and winter and get on with the Christmas ones....

This stamp is one of the first ones I think I ever bought, what seems like a lifetime ago! It is from Inkadinkado (6207P), not that I think it is still available. I pull it out every year and use it though! I colored the image with watercolor pencils and an aqua painter. The oak leaf pattern paper is from my immense stash of paper. It was either not marked or I cut that off and it is glued down on a card already. I do wish that I had about 10 more sheets of it since it goes so well with the stamp! Ribbon is Michael's $1 Bin.
Things are slowly coming back together here at the Holbrook Homestead. DH almost has the top layer of sub floor in the bathroom done so I can start tiling it. We also nearly have the furnace woes taken care of. We got an updated replacement part for the broken mercury switch, which is no longer being manufactured. The (very) young kid behind the counter at the heating and plumbing store didn't even know what it was when Ken handed it to him. The older guy working next to him, chuckled and said he knew what is was and what to replace it with. Tomorrow will be a new belt on the motor and all will be back in business!
Ken is furiously working to get all these things done before his 12 day hunting vacation. It is funny, I thought I packed Murphy's bags and sent him packing, but apparently one night while we were both at work he sneaked back in.
Any big Thanksgiving plans? I am really looking forward to the turkey!!! Thanksgiving is a pretty great holiday... almost as good as the 4th of July according to Linnie! (Linnie likes the 4th since you don't have to buy gifts, clean the house and you can throw away the dishes!)
Take care!