Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey Tracy, Barb, Tina, Kathy & Joyce!!!!!

Okay my friends from Bedford! I am back on the blog!!!! Thanks for the gentle kick in the butt.... I know I have been neglectful!

This was the calm before the storm, so to speak. All peaceful, quiet and empty... not for long. A mere 15 minutes later and this was the scene.... Scrapbookers and supplies as far as the eye could see! The Camp Harmony crop grew to about 80 this fall and not without some growing pains, to say the least.

I actually referred to this crop as "Murphy's Crop" (as in whatever could go wrong... you get the idea...) I had two vendors and an instructor cancel, we outgrew the room that we usually use and were forced into the multipurpose building that has really bad lighting. Thankfully for the most part, scrapbookers are a very kind and understanding group of people.
Thankfully, we did still have a pretty good day. I got another vendor, did some make and takes myself and made up for the bad lighting with lots of good food. We had some GREAT door prizes as well. At the end of the day we packed up, went home, unloaded and I proptly sat down in the recliner, kicked it back and fell asleep until the next morning and slept like I haven't slept in weeks!
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Take care!


Babs said...

We (the girlies) and I had a great time! And won a cartridge! Woo hoo...can't beat that! The girls ran my little Cricut to is resting now. I wont' let them touch my Cricut Expression though - that's all mine! - It was a fun day - we had a great time.