Thursday, November 13, 2008

He's the Big Brother

Being the oldest of five children has always been interesting. I have always told my parents that I did a poor job of preparing them for what was to come. (Yes, I know you read this Lynnette, and as you know your first born did not prepare you for what was to come either... LOL!) For those who don't know Lynnette is my sister and a mother to FOUR energetic active boys, can anyone say CRAZY? Look it up in the dictionary, there should be a portrait of her family next to it! I have some pictures of those nephews to post here as well. My first nephew just turned 14, can you believe it? He named me Aunt Meme many years ago.

I have had such a good time watching Ty be the "big bruvver" to his little sister. On this particular day he begged for several hours to hold her. Finally I relented, figuring that he would hold her for five minutes, get bored and go on about his business. Boy was I wrong on that one... He sat on the couch in the middle of all of those cushions and pillows and held her for almost an hour. He gave her little kisses and smoothed her hair and touched her teensy tiny hands. She slept contently the entire time.
I guess we should appreciate their special relationship while it lasts. It won't be long until they are getting on each other's nerves and picking on each other. I will keep these pictures around to remind Ty of what it used to be like!
Take care!